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[MVLA Virtual 5K Run]

Sent: Thu May 28, 2020 • 8:55 AM PDT
From: Ricardo García
[MVLA Virtual 5K Run]
Dear Wrestlers and Parents,

I hope you are staying safe and staying as active as possible in this difficult time.  The Athletic Boosters for Mountain View High School are putting together a worthwhile event:

5K Fun Run/Walk/Bike to raise funds for a local community agency.  
Dates: June 5, 6 & 7 (You pick the date.)
It is open to all the community members.
Cost $5
Registration: (Link)

As the Bay Area and local community slowly begins to reopen, this would be a great start to your fitness program!  I will be in touch once the local authorities give us some guidance and approval for starting an off season training program at Smash Gyms Mt. View.

Take care,

Ricardo García
Google Voice (408) 372-8697
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Subject: FW: Mark Munoz’ West Coast Wrestler Camp develops a creative online camp format during pandemic (USA Wrestling)
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Subject: Thank You...MVHS Wrestling Community
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