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thank you video for Jason Kneebone

Sent: Sun Jul 12, 2020 • 10:37 AM PDT
From: Faught, Teri
thank you video for Jason Kneebone
Dear students, fellow staff members, parents, and alumni of Jason Kneebone:

Hello! I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy summer. My name is Ian Shiu, and I am a rising junior at MVHS. I am a percussionist and violinist, and have been lucky enough to have been taught by Jason in many classes these past two years. He has been one of the main reasons I enjoy the instrumental music program so much and spend so much of my time involving myself in it. My sister was also in the instrumental music program for all four years and has now gone on to pursue music in college, so it is fair to say that Jason has had a very large impact on me and my family for over 6 years.

For many of us students, Jason has been more than a teacher—he has become a trusted adult, a mentor, and one of our biggest supporters through high school. The loss of him from our program was a surprise to the whole community, and I can only assume that many, including me, were extremely disappointed to hear that he would be leaving us, and even more disappointed that we did not have the chance to say goodbye or express our gratitude for all that he's done for us. 

Because of this, I wanted to put together a final thank you project for Jason, consisting of personal messages from all the people whose lives he impacted. Over the next couple weeks, I encourage everyone to send in a video to ianshiu1715@xxxxxxxxx according to the following guidelines thanking Jason and/or telling him how he has played a role in your life, no matter how much you have interacted with him—it is even more meaningful for him to see his impact on unfamiliar faces. These videos will be compiled and edited into one large video that will be sent to Jason. Even just a few second clip of you saying the words "Thank you Jason" would mean a lot, so please take just a few minutes out of your day to participate in this!

Your videos should follow these guidelines:
1. Video should be under 1 minute. Don't feel pressured to make your video longer than it needs to be—a short, meaningful thank you is better than a long, stretched out one. 1 minute should give you a very large cushion, so any videos over this time limit will not be used, no matter what.
2. Send it to ianshiu1715@xxxxxxxxx with the subject line "[Your Name] TYJ". This will make it easier for me to keep track of and organize the videos.
3. Must end with the words "Thank you Jason"—even if your video only consists of you saying these words, I am sure he will appreciate it. This will likely be used as something to tie the video together and make it seem more connected, so it is essential for you to end your video with these exact words.
4. Parents: if possible, please try to talk about how he has impacted you and your family, rather than your student, in order to minimize redundancy
5. Send in your video by 7/26/20. Videos sent in afterwards may or may not be included in the final video, depending on how long the editing process takes

If you have experience with video editing or something similar, please contact me in a separate email. I am willing and have the resources to do the editing myself, but I have no prior experience with editing and compiling videos so some help would be very welcome, in order to get the project done faster and create the best possible product for Jason.

Thank you in advance and I hope to start seeing your videos soon!

Stay healthy and have a great summer,
Ian Shiu

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