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a note from Jason Kneebone

Sent: Thu Jul 2, 2020 • 9:17 AM PDT
From: Faught, Teri
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  • Subject: a note from Jason Kneebone
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  • Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 08:41:12 -0700
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a note from Jason Kneebone
To My Friends, Colleagues, and Students,

Over the past several months I have taken the necessary time to reflect on
where I need to be as a professional and reevaluate my priorities as a
husband and father. My decision to leave Mountain View High School was
certainly difficult, but for the sake of my family, and my own personal
health and well-being, a significant change was necessary.

When I accepted the position at MVHS in 2007, I knew exactly what I was
walking into: a high-caliber, high-powered dynasty. I was lucky that it
didn't take much to maintain the machine that was built so precisely,
perfectly blending student leadership and parent support. When the
figurative (and literal) baton was passed to me in 2013, we were incredibly
lucky to have the resources needed to push the boundaries of an already
comprehensive music program. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley made that
trajectory easy - the innovative combination of music and technology. From
3D-Printing our own instruments to Live Streaming performances around the
globe, MVSpartanMusic has become a model for what high school musicians are
capable of.

I have loved every minute I spent on the podium. I was inspired every day
by talented students and humbled by the generosity and support from our
parent community. Over the years, when I started spending more time in
meetings than in front of students, my heart began to sink. Navigating
whole =E2=80=98seasons=E2=80=99 of not seeing my wife and kids for entire d=
ays at a time is
not fair to them or to myself. Distance Learning looked like a promising
reprieve, but it only cemented my beliefs about what I was missing - time
with my family.

Most importantly, Lyndsey and I will be welcoming a baby girl into our
lives in December :)

I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the
love and support given to me over the years by all members of our beautiful
community. MVHS Instrumental Music is stronger than ever and will continue
to thrive. I wish Anna, our awesome students, and this wonderful program
nothing but continued success.

Go Spartans!

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