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Second Harvest needs Volunteers

Sent: Wed Mar 18, 2020 • 1:57 PM PDT
From: Marilyn Stanley
Second Harvest needs Volunteers
Dear MVHS families,

Many of you have asked about ways to help others in our community.  Second Harvest of Silicon Valley distributes food to those in need each week, and they need help. 

If you are able to volunteer to help distribute and/or deliver food, please sign up here:

Most of the Second Harvest's regular volunteers are 60+ and can not volunteer. The Mountain View Senior Center distribution is set up as a drive through or walk through. 

Our district PTA council president recently volunteered, and noted that volunteers wash their hands, wore gloves, and were reminded to change gloves.  People were respectful of social distancing. There are different lead volunteers every other week and at each site.

Second Harvest can also take donations if you are unable to volunteer.  College kids who are home and are looking for things to do can also volunteer.

Stay healthy.


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