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Teachers, Administrators and All School Staff:

Sent: Sun Apr 19, 2020 • 12:06 PM PDT
From: MVHS Sports Boosters
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  • Subject: Teachers, Administrators and All School Staff:
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 14:00:35 -0700
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  • Sender: <ath-all (at) MVHS ELISTS>
Teachers, Administrators and All School Staff:
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Hi Nation:

The MVHS Boosters hopes you are all safe, healthy and doing well during this difficult time.   

It has been nearly a month since the MV Students were sent home and Spring Sports were cancelled.  Although it is disappointing for all of the Athletes we feel especially sad for the seniors that are missing out on what should be their final season and semester at MV.  It may seem like it is the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs but as all Spartans know we do not give up easily and that is exactly what we want all of you to remember.  One of the greatest lessons sports teaches is that even when you are down you must dig deep and keep fighting.  This years Spartans have shown us by example how to do this countless times.  The football team was on the road at Milpitas down 21-7 and rallied to turn the tables on the Trojans by scoring 28 points to take the W.  The girls Volleyball team fought back from a 2-1 deficit against cross town rival Los Altos to win the last 2 sets in what was one of the most emotional games of the entire year.  The girls Soccer team had a tough year with many injuries but the ladies made it to the Div 1 CCS Championship game.  With a patch work line up the Spartans stepped up big and put on a dominating performance beating Sabrato to bring home another MV CCS Championship!   

Right now Nation we need to turn our collective support to the MVHS Teachers, Administration and school staff.  The entire Staff at MVHS has been tasked with an extremely difficult assignment.  To turn on a dime in the middle of a semester and get the entire school on line so the students can continue forward.  This is no vacation for the Staff as they are dealing with their children / home life/ parents as well as trying to to modify the entire school curriculum into engaging on-line classes.  It is no easy task especially with little time and limited training on how to do this.  Will it be perfect, no, but that is no reason to give up, it just means we that we all have to pull together, dig down and work a little harder.  It will improve with hard work, practice and Spartan perseverance but right now we need to cheer for the teachers and staff.  They have a had a tough stretch and could really use a pick me up from their Spartan Nation teammates!  What do you say Nation?   Let's get behind the MVHS teachers and staff and show them how much we appreciate the hard work and dedication they are showing the MVHS Students! 

What can we do?   

A simple positive e-mail note to a few of the teachers and staff of your choosing would go a long way. 

Ask your MV student to make a short video or send a note to their favorite teacher / staff member. 

Any positive gesture will work and if you have ideas let us know.  We are happy to share them with the Nation! 

Staff E-mails and phone #'s.

Nation this is not over.  We will get through it together so let's get our rally caps on and make some noise for our MVHS teachers / staff !!!!!   


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