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971 T-shirt Order Form - Deadline extended

Sent: Sun Mar 8, 2020 • 9:23 PM PDT
From: Wyn Schuh
  • To: MVHS Robotics Club <club-robotics (at) MVHS ELISTS>
  • Subject: 971 T-shirt Order Form - Deadline extended
  • From: Wyn Schuh <wyn.schuh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2020 21:23:14 -0700
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971 T-shirt Order Form - Deadline extended
The shirts are not ready to order yet so you are not too late to order them.

Google Forms
I've invited you to fill out a form:
971 T-shirt Order Form - Due by Sunday March 8th - 9pm PST
Each member and mentor receives one complimentary gold t-shirt. Extra shirts (both long sleeve and short sleeve) will cost $10 each. If you want, you may have a long sleeve shirt as your complimentary competition shirt. Please note that members are required to wear gold 971 shirts at competitions. We are requiring you this year to wear a 971 branded item as your top layer so that you are representing the 971 team. A 971 jacket or long sleeve t-shirt is an option if it is cold.

New this year is that the t-shirt company is requiring a minimum order of 10 items for any particular t-shirt color. As a result, we will be limiting the colors of shirts that will be offered. If a minimum is not met, we will not be able to order a given shirt color.

We will be offering hoodie t-shirts in black only with gold ink. The hoodies will cost $15 (they are the last item on the order form). Everyone needs to fill out this form by the deadline of Sunday March 8th at 9pm PST to get their complementary team shirt.

Friends and family members may also purchase team t-shirts to wear to support the team. Team members and mentors may purchase extras for themselves or for trading. People on other teams are welcome to order shirts as long as we can figure out a way to get them to you. If they need to be mailed, that will cost extra.

This deadline is so that we have a chance to get shirts printed by the San Francisco Regional - the shirt company cannot guarantee this since we are getting the shirt designed so late. We will be ordering extras in case you don't get your order placed in time but please do your best to get your order in on time as this makes our job easier. Also, there are no guarantees that there will be enough if you do not pre-order. This is especially important if you want non-standard sizes (XS or 2XL or 3XL) since we may not get extra ones of those.

The t-shirts will have our robot on the front and our sponsors on the back. Our team competition t-shirt is a gold t-shirt with black ink. This is part of our team identity. We have found that the gold t-shirts are very visible and help identify our team at competitions. Please remember to include your gold team shirt in the order.

If you are not on Team 971, indicate your team number in the comments. I am willing to make these available to non 971 members but it has to be easy for me (Wyn Schuh). You will need to pick up the shirts in person either at a competition or arrange to have someone pick them up at our lab. I would prefer if one person from teams other than 971 could collect the money and pick up the shirts for the other team. We will be attending the San Francisco Regional, the Silicon Valley Regional and hopefully the Houston Championship.

Payments can be made by check made out to "Mountain View High School" with "Robotics" on the memo line or by Paypal to "971purchasing@xxxxxxxxx". Payments must be made before the shirts are picked up.

Please make your order as clear as possible. That keeps ordering shirts fun for me. ;)

Orders need to be in by Sunday March 8th at 9pm PST. Hopefully we will get them in time to get them for the San Francisco Regional. There is no guarantee at this point.
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