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Next Steps

Sent: Wed Apr 1, 2020 • 6:09 PM PDT
From: Pare, Claire Marie
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  • Subject: Next Steps
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2020 18:09:44 -0700
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Next Steps
Hey everyone,

From the responses I received in the survey, we'll be conducting elections and holding club meetings via email! Curriculum, slides, videos, challenges will be sent out to complete at your own pace. Get some coding in every week (this is extra fun coding cause it's not graded)! Use it as a break from schoolwork.

I will send out an email shortly to the people running for office about their next steps. If you would still like to run but haven't filled out the survey, at this point please email me ASAP. 

Elections will be held next week! The more people that participate in voting, the better! (This is true about our American democracy as well)

Stay healthy and have fun,

Claire Paré
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Subject: Elections!
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Subject: What to do, what to do
(Sent: Wed, 25-Mar-2020, 4:35 PM PDT)

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