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Latest AP Exam Information

Sent: Mon Apr 6, 2020 • 1:19 PM PDT
From: Vitz, Linda
Latest AP Exam Information
Dear AP Students:

As you may already know, the College Board released the details of this year's AP Exams.  Please read about these details here.

Some important changes to this year's exam include:
  1. The Exam testing dates are now May 11 - 22  with make up dates offered for school approved, extenuating circumstances only.   Please email linda.vitz (at) MVLA for approval.
  2. Refunds for any AP exam will be given only prior to the exam date.  To apply for a refund, please have your parent/guardian email linda.vitz (at) MVLA along with your name and the exam you'd like to cancel.  Please note that once the email for cancellation is submitted, exam cancellations are final and cannot be reversed.  Additionally, refund processing will be delayed due to the current shelter in place order.
Please read below for additional information you may find helpful.

This year's exam will be 45 minutes long (timed) and can be taken on one of the following devices: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.   All students who have already been approved for accommodations thru College Board, such as extended time, will still receive such accommodations.  The extended time will automatically be built into the testing platform online before your exam begins.

Time can get aways from you very quickly when taking a timed exam with open notes.  Read these helpful tips.

COURSE SPECIFIC EXAM INFORMATION  - Read about the exam(s) you will be taking so you can be prepared.

AP EXAM SECURITY  - Read about the extra precautions College Board will take to make sure no exams are compromised.  Many additional security features will be enhanced this year and will not be released to the public to maintain security and confidentiality. 

AP EXAM SCORING   - Read about how your exam(s) will be scored.

We wish you much success in preparing for your exam(s) these next few weeks. 


Mrs. Quinones and Ms. Vitz

Linda Vitz
Assessment Coordinator
Mountain View High School
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