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Intensity Level 1

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Intensity Level 1
Your going to need some department swag for Intensity Level: 1
  • Intensity Level: 1 - Come to our performances! These range from our Concerts in the theater to Football games to Marching Band Competitions - these are great, fun ways to see our amazing performers share their talents! (And you're guaranteed to meet some really awesome people)
Here’s how to order:

1. Go to the Charms page at Click on the top right, blue Login button.
2. Choose the Parent/Student/Member section. Type in mountainviewmusic and choose the green button - enter student parent area.
3. Enter your students 5 digit school ID -OR- your current account password in the student area password bar and click enter.
4. You will see a shopping cart icon at the top of the page, left side, which says online store. Click on it and you will see a list of items.
5. Click on the green “choose” button for items you would like to purchase. Another window will pop up so you can make your size and quantity selections. Make sure you click on the size AND color to put in your cart. You must choose size AND color even though there may only be one choice. Click update cart.
6. After you are done choosing all your items, click checkout at the top right, green button. Pay using PayPal and you are done! 

Alternately, fill out the attached Performing Arts Spirit Wear order form, attach payment and drop it in the gray box in Packard Hall outside Jason’s office. First come, first serve.

If you have any questions please email me (Brenda) at

Go Spartans

Attachment: Performing Arts Spirit Wear Gray Box.docx
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