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[INST] "Informance" Series, Right Around the Corner!

Sent: Wed Aug 28, 2019 • 3:06 PM PDT
From: Kneebone, Jason
[INST] "Informance" Series, Right Around the Corner!
Music Families,

Our "Informance" concerts are coming up! While these are primarily tuned for our new parent community, they are open to everyone. It's always nice to perform for large, adoring audiences :)
  • ORCHESTRA (String and Chamber) on Wednesday, September 4th at 7pm
  • BAND (Symphonic and Wind Ensemble) on Thursday, September 12th at 7pm
These will be "Informational Performances" in our theater that are geared towards giving parents a primer for what our intermediate ensembles do every day and how they can support music at home. We also give a short glimpse into the future with our advanced ensembles giving a mini-performance of their own.

We'll be talking about these gigs again at BTSN and will be discussing appropriate concert attire with the musicians in class.

See everyone tomorrow night!
-Jason & Anna


Jason J. Kneebone
| MVHS Performing Arts Department
| email: jason.kneebone (at) MVLA
| office: 650.940.4608 web:
"If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music." ~Gustav Mahler

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