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Sent: Fri Aug 23, 2019 • 12:11 PM PDT
From: Kneebone, Jason
Music Families,

It's time to celebrate the beginning of an awesome new year of MVHS Instrumental Music! Anna and Jason are very excited to meet a lot of new parents tonight and thank you for giving your students the opportunity to participate in Performing Arts!

Hold up, I just got a similar email from Marilyn Stanley - sounds like a ploy to get us to volunteer for stuff...

We guarantee, the Tacos are real! The truth is, we can't operate without tremendous effort from our volunteer parents and it's never too early to sign up for events. Volunteering is, and always will be, an optional endeavor, just realize that it's the best way to dive into our amazing program AND maintain a great connection with your music student!

My kid's a bit on the weird side and I hear 'Music Parents' are no different. I'm going to need a bit more convincing...

Embrace your inner geek! One of the main goals of your Instrumental Music Directors this year is simple - STRENGTHEN OUR COMMUNITY - but we can't do it alone. It's going to require a three-tiered approach between teachers, students, and parents. This is a low-risk way to get yourself into the mix, meet some other like-minded folks, get some face-time with two cool Directors who on average see music students for 3.8-years* of high school, and, at the least, have a yummy dinner without having to do dishes afterwards.
*statistic completely made up, but most students participate all 4 years...

Okay, okay, now I'm looking forward to it. I have to admit, I wish I would have joined Band or Orchestra in High School. What about Marching Band? You haven't mentioned it once in this email, what gives?

Fun Fact: Marching Band is only ONE of the courses we offer in Instrumental Music. While it IS the largest single entity on campus and while we have to cram 10 months of music & performance education into a 3-month-long season, we are extremely proud of our year-round Orchestra and Concert Band programs, too! Tonight's event is for our ENTIRE COMMUNITY (#squadgoals) to have a chance to hang out in a fun, social environment. Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal and nothing keeps them together like the excitement of music!

Awesome, see you tonight then!

Your words, not mine... Cool! We're looking forward to meeting our new parents and reconnecting with returning fans of MVHS Performing Arts :)

All the Best,
-Jason & Anna


Jason J. Kneebone
| MVHS Performing Arts Department
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"If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music." ~Gustav Mahler

"Burn the land and boil the sea, You can't take the sky from me." ~The Ballad of Serenity

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