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Fwd: MODERATE for tea-time (at) MVHS ELISTS

Sent: Tue Dec 1, 2015 • 8:45 AM PST
From: Ruelas, Alma
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Fwd: MODERATE for tea-time (at) MVHS ELISTS

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From: Grace Chang <gracechang6666@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <tea-time (at) MVHS ELISTS>
Cc: "'Ruelas, Alma'" <alma.ruelas (at) MVLA>, Yvonne Yung <yvonne_yung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 00:18:17 -0800
Subject: Nov Tea Time
Dear Tea Time parents:

We’d like to invite you to the December Tea Time at 12/4(Fri) at 11:30am!

Ms. Marti McGuirk - the Head Counselor will join us and answer any questions
about Counseling Department.  Please prepare yours!

Please sign up with the dish you’re going to bring on the below Google Doc.

Looking forward to seeing you!


親愛的Tea Time家長們:

12/4(週五) 11:30am邀請您參加十二月份的Tea Time 聚會!

這次有重要的主題: 認識學校的Counseling部門。很難得請到Head Counselor Marti

請在下面的連結登記您要帶的餐點喔! 周五見!


MVHS Tea Time

Yvonne Yung/Grace Chang

Alma Ruelas
Bilingual Community Liaison
Mountain View High School
(650) 940-7475 

Attachment: Dec Tea Time Flyer - Chinese & English.docx
Description: MS-Word document

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