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[JAZZ] Parent Social Event - Tomorrow Night!

Sent: Fri Feb 1, 2019 • 8:49 AM PST
From: Kneebone, Jason
[JAZZ] Parent Social Event - Tomorrow Night!
Parents, Legal Guardians, Alumni/Friends/Family over 21...

Tomorrow is the social event of the year! (Literally, it's the only one)

What this event is: In no particular order, tomorrow's gig is a chance to show Mountain View High School that its two largest organizations are working together to promote teamwork and community; it's a chance to network with like-minded parents and see that everyone has our students' best interests in mind; it's your first chance to hear our amazing Big Band; and it's a great opportunity to relax and share a fun evening!

What this event is not: A money vortex. When you enter 'Music' on the ticket purchase site as the program you're supporting, those funds will be going towards some very special projects this year: The purchase of a new speaker system for our Winter Percussion and Marching Band; Guest Artist engagements in March & April for our Concert Bands and Orchestras; and new Music & Instrument purchases.

Additional point of clarity: Despite some of the verbiage on the poster & event pages, raised funds will not be directed to any current or future District-level projects. 100% of our earned proceeds will directly benefit Instrumental Music for the current school year.

Anna and I look forward to sharing this awesome event with you tomorrow! Tickets HERE



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