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Sports Boosters Media Guide

Sent: Sat Aug 10, 2013 • 12:28 PM PDT
From: Christina Johnson
Sports Boosters Media Guide
Dear MVHS Sports Boosters,
Welcome to the 2013 school year. The MVHS Sports Boosters are dedicated to the student athletes at MVHS. We are here to help fund extras that the High School budget for sports does not fund. Last year our Christmas tree lot funded over $10,000  that was earned and given directly back to 16 sports. We have come up with a new exciting format to raise funds for our student athletes.  We are enhancing and expanding the Football media guide from last year to cover all fall and winter sports. This new Multi Sport guide will be feature team schedules and mini articles of all fall and winter sports while having advertisers support the athletics at MVHS. This guide will be printed several times and will be seen by thousands of people that support MVHS athletics. This year we will be featuring player ads. These ads are for any athlete and are at a minimal cost of $150. 25% of this fee will come directly back to your sport. This media guide will become a "sporting yearbook" and a keepsake for years to come. Fall sports are upon us so the coaches and players will be contacted by a sports boosters rep who is coordinating your sport. Please help us by supporting this program. We will also be at the sports night as well as the freshman night presenting the program.
The contact for Fall sports are as follows:
Girls Volleyball- Ann Martin at anndmartin@xxxxxxx
Football Varsity-Christina Johnson at forstar@xxxxxxxxxxx
Football frosh Soph- Sandy Resnick at resnick26@xxxxxxxxx
Cross Country- Kelly Hammell at thehammells@xxxxxxxxxxx
Girls Water Polo- Ann Martin at anndmartin@xxxxxxx
Boys Water Polo- Christina Johnson  at forstar@xxxxxxxxxxx
Girls Tennis- Sandy Resnick at resnick26@xxxxxxxxx
Cheer- Kristen Brown at KristenB33@xxxxxxxxxxx
The contact for Winter sports are as follows:
Girls Soccer- Sandy Resnick at resnick26@xxxxxxxxx
Boys Soccer- Ann Martin at anndmartin@xxxxxxx
Girls Basketball- Christina Johnson at forstar@xxxxxxxxxxx
Boys Basketball- Kelly Hammell at thehammells@xxxxxxxxxxx
The fall deadlines are approaching quickly so we wanted to get this information out to you. We are hoping this guide goes well and we have enough volunteers help to roll out a Spring guide to cover the spring sports. I have attached a copy of our media guide forms as well as a player ad form. Brian Orlov is  a great photographer who is also a booster volunteer and we will set up a specific date for each sport to have the player's picture taken for the ad. If you know of a business that would like to advertise in our Sports media guide, please forward their contact information.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to supporting your student athletes,
Christina Johnson
MVHS Sports Boosters Treasurer


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