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Spring Sports Update

Sent: Tue May 3, 2011 • 5:13 PM PDT
From: Blair, William
Spring Sports Update

Hello all,


The Spartans spring sports season is coming to an end in the next month, but I would like to highlight the three teams who have been extremely successful this season.


Our Varsity Boys Volleyball is sporting a 16-3 record overall and a 7-1 record in league. They are a favorite heading into the CCS tournament because of their highly talented play. As of yesterday, the Spartan Volleyball team is ranked 23rd in the NATION!!!! Standout players are Devin Stearns, Alex Muselman, and David Wallace. Make sure to come and support this team.


Our Varsity Lacrosse team is sporting a 12-4 record overall and a 9-2 record in league. They are first place in league heading into the De Anza tournament next week. This team is ranked 43rd in California!!! Standout players are Grant Wineman, Luke Westmoreland, Pierce Philp, Sam Brigham, and Aubrey Myjer. Come support this exciting team!!


Lastly, the MVHS track team, always highly successful, is doing extremely well this year. Both the guys and girls varsity teams are undefeated in league. Standout runners/players are DeVaugn Smith, Emily Andrew, Allison Sturges, Brielle Rowe, Kylie McKown, and Ethan Giles. Make sure to support this team as they head to League Finals, CCS, and possibly State!!


Thank you,

   Connor Nunley




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