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Looking for volunteers for 30th May, Sr. Awards Night

Sent: Mon May 14, 2007 • 10:18 AM PDT
From: nandan dixit
Looking for volunteers for 30th May, Sr. Awards Night
Hi Parent Volunteers:
Senior Awards Night at MVHS is approaching and is scheduled for 30th May, Wednesday. I am contacting you because you had signed up to volunteer for this event at the beginning of this school year. Thank you for having done that.
I'm looking for a few volunteers (if you are still available) and would like your replies if you could volunteer on that day. I need help from one volunteer at 3:30pm to help me with preliminary setup in the school cafetaria. This would be for about 1 hour.
I am also seeking help from 3-4 volunteers for the evening -- from 6pm to about 9:30pm -- again in the MVHS cafeteria. This would be for final setup, arranging cookies, preparing lemonade, pouring lemonade when the guests arrive (after the awards ceremony), and cleanup after they leave.
Please send me email at nandixit@xxxxxxxxx if you are available and would like to volunteer on the 30th, Wednesday. Then I'll contact you personally to discuss further details and answer any questions that you might have. If you wish to speak with me before you commit, please call me at (650) 903-0468. After 7:30pm is the best time to reach me.
If you cannot spare your time on the day of the awards ceremony, but are able to 'donate' one or two simple homemade flower arrangements to decorate the cookies/drinks tables in the cafeteria, I will be happy to pick them up on the 30th afternoon from your home. (I will return the vases/containers within a couple of days after the event to you.) If you are good with arranging flowers and have some in your garden that you can arrange in a simple arrangement in a vase for the evening, I require about 6 such flower decorations. Please do let me know.
Thank you all very much, and I hope to hear from you soon. If you could RSVP latest by Friday the 18th, that would be great.
Nandan Dixit

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