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Grissom's Gazette

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Grissom's Gazette


Friday, January 19, 2018


Monday, January 22

Schedule G   Winter Rally 

Board Meeting, DO Board Room, 7 pm

Thursday, January 25

8th Grade Info Night, Gym

Wednesday, January 31

Club Arena, Quad, Lunch time

Thursday, February 1

Club Arena, Quad, Lunch time

Mindful Parent Night, MVHS Cafeteria, 7 pm

Monday, February 5

Board Meeting, DO Board Room, 7pm

Tuesday, February 6

Math Night, Spartan Theater, 6:30 pm

Wednesday, February 7

Schedule D   

Thursday, February 8

Schedule E

Wednesday, Feb. 14

Valentine’s Day

February 19 – 23


Monday, March 5

Tutorial Schedule  




Welcome to Mountain View High School for 2017-2018!


Grissom’s Gazette is a bi-weekly bulletin from Principal Dave Grissom that is sent to parents, students, and families who subscribe by e-list.  It is distributed to provide information about the school, and community activities that follow.  Subscribe to these e-lists by going to .

From the MVLA Board of Trustees

The MVLA Board of Trustees will hold a regular meeting on Monday, January 22, 2018 at 7 pm in the District Office boardroom, 1299 Bryant Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94040. The College and Career Counseling Enhanced Services will be the Spotlight event. Reports on Common Assessments, the Facilities Master Plan, the Bond Election Proposal and a resolution calling for full and fair funding of California's public schools, as well as the Independent Auditor's Report will be included.  Public Hearings will be held on employee association Contract Reopeners for 2017-2018. Grace Flinchum of Mountain View High School and Noah Tesfaye of Los Altos High School will be honored as Students of the Month. 

MVLA Foundation

Did you know your Foundation donation funds the Naviance Family Connection platform? Ask your student to share his/her log-in information.

Here are some features you may be interested in:

·  Freshmen - Take the “Do What You Are”  career survey

·  Sophomores - Create/update your student profile, plan and resume

·  Juniors - Start to explore different kinds of colleges

·  Seniors - Search MVLA's scholarship list


Parent Education Series

Raising Digital Natives

Devorah Heitner

Wednesday, January 24, 7 pm

Los Altos High School Eagle Theater, 201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos

Parents today worry that kids are addicted, detached or distracted because of digital devices. Often, adults are less conscious about what they are modelling with their own relationship with technology. Drawing from the latest research, Dr. Heitner provides gems of guidance to help parents become confident digital media mentors to texters, gamers and social media users from childhood to young adulthood. You’ll learn what it is like for kids to grow up in a world where school experiences, family life and friendships are all shaped by digital connection—and how you can share your own lifetime of social wisdom to mentor your children in their digital world. 

Audience: K-12 parents, teachers and other caretakers
To register:

The attached flyer provides additional details.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors, admission is free to all MVLA Parent Education Speaker Series events.

DACA Information

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced that the agency is accepting DACA renewal applications from certain individuals at this time.

 It is extremely important that any individual who needs to file a DACA renewal application and did not do so prior to October 5,2017 do so IMMEDIATELY, without any delay.  The reason for this is that the Government is seeking a reversal of the recent  federal court order that the Government must continue to accept DACA renewal applications.  Should that order be reversed, the renewal process will be closed immediately. That could happen in a matter of days. (Presumably, if the process is closed by court order,  all renewal applications in the pipeline will be dealt with according to the procedures in place at this time.)

 Here are the current rules and explanations for who may renew at this time.  (The reference to USCIS is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services bureau of the Department of Homeland Security):


1.      1.  If your DACA expired on or after September 5, 2017, you may send USCIS DACA renewal applications. This means you must fill out the latest versions of Form I-821D, Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, and Form I-765WS Worksheet.

2.       2. If your DACA expired before September 5, 2016, you must reapply through an initial application, not renew. Everyone must include the date your DACA expired or will expire on Part 1 of the Form I-821D.

3.      3.   USCIS will not accept any first-time DACA applications. No new or first-time DACA applications will be accepted by USCIS. 

4.      4.  Requests for advance parole from DACA recipients will not be accepted. 

The official page on the USCIS website with links to the relevant forms for each category of renewal applicant is found below.  Please note that the 2016 dates found in the announcement would appear to be a typo.


Math Night

Join us for an informational night to learn more about the high school math pathways available for your students.  In addition, the Computer Science and Engineering Courses and pathways will be presented. 

This presentation is intended for families of K-8 students.

Location:  Mountain View High School Theater

                   3535 Truman Ave.

Date:         Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Time:         6:30 pm-8 pm

For:            Families of K-8 students who will be attending high school in MVLA

5 Ways MVLA Supports Students’ Social-Emotional Wellness

Social-emotional wellness at our high schools is a district priority.  


We recognize the connection between academic achievement and student wellness,

and that student social-emotional wellness is a critical building block of overall well-being.


This is the first of monthly briefings we will send you to keep you informed of MVLA wellness services and initiatives.


Five ways we support our students


1.     Access to Mental Health Support

We anticipate that about 10% of our students will have moderate to severe mental health concerns. Our small team of therapists helps students and families navigate community and private healthcare systems. Referrals to community partners and outside providers are made for students who present with symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, or who may need family therapy.


2.     Wellness Workshops

We are implementing programs that foster students’ resilience, coping/problem solving skills, and connectedness, including Digital Safety and Affirmative Consent workshops.  


3.     Social-emotional Learning Curricula

Teaching students how to cope with adversity increases success and reduces mental illness. Social-emotional learning curricula is being strengthened through staff training and the introduction of student courses, such as Positive Psychology.


4.     Stress Reduction and Creating a Sense of Belonging

Stress is mitigated and connection with others is strengthened through programs such as Wellness Week/Spartan PAUSE, Camp Diversity/Camp Mettamorph, Challenge Days, and support and empowerment clubs.


5.     Strengthening Help-Seeking Behavior

Through student panels, the student referral process, and student resource cards, students are empowered to access care for themselves and each other when struggling.


We are grateful to the MVLA Board, MVLA Foundation, and the El Camino Hospital District for generously funding resources so we can meet students’ mental health needs.


As we enter the second half of this school year, many of your children -- our students -- will need us to be empathetic, resourceful and compassionate. For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 510.387.6271 or by email: susan.flatmo (at) MVLA.


With respect and gratitude,


Susan Flatmo, Ph.D.

Clinical Services Coordinator


2018 Winter Ball

The Winter Ball Dance is on Saturday, January 27, from 8-11 pm at the Fairmont San Jose in the Imperial Ballroom. Come on out for a fun night full of dancing, being with friends, games, a photo booth, and a great DJ. Tickets are currently on sale in the Finance office and Webstore, and they end on Thursday, January 25. Tickets are not being sold at the door! Scholarships are also available. If you are interested, come talk to Mrs. Rietveld in room 415 or Mrs. Yow in room 120.  


California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) seeks to recognize students living in the state of California who possess high standards in academic scholarship, community service, and citizenship. Members of CSF are eligible for a variety of tuition scholarships available at universities across the state and in select colleges nationwide.


CSF FALL Applications for 2017 are available for the semester ending in December, 2017. Remember, CSF applications are always for the previous semester’s grades. The application window closes at 12:45 pm, on February 16, 2018. Applications are online, and can be found in the following links: 





New students at Mountain View High School cannot apply until their second semester at MVHS.  You must be logged into your MVLA email account to complete the application. Requests to share the Google Form with a personal account will be ignored. 

Parents, please encourage your child to fill out the application by themselves - if they need assistance, send them to room 612 to ask Mr. Campbell. Please be sure to pay your $10 membership fee to the finance office before completing the online application

 How do I become a Gold Seal Bearer or a Life Time Member (Click Here)

 If you have any questions regarding CSF at Mountain View High School, please contact Mr. Campbell david.campbell (at) MVLA


Winter Break Basketball Camp 

Learn valuable skills, stay active, and have fun in this half-day basketball camp. Shooting, ball-handling, and defense will be among the skills covered in a high-energy, fast-paced environment. The camp takes place from February 19-23 from 9 am – 12 noon at Mountain View High School. Registration is open to girls and boys in grades 3 – 8. Fun games will be used to teach the skills to keep campers focused throughout the week.  In addition we will be holding shooting contests and our Spartans Skills Challenge on the last day of camp. This is a great opportunity to stay active, have fun, and work on your game during the winter break. Register at or call 650.479.5906 for more info!


Mountain​ ​View​ ​High​ ​Letter​ ​Jacket ​Fitting​ ​&​ ​Ordering​ ​Night with Jacketback Embroidery Tonight (6pm-8pm) at MVHS

Did​ ​you​ ​earn​ ​your​ varsity ​block​ ​letter​?  Now​ ​is​ ​the​ ​time​ ​to​ ​order your very own custom fitted letter jacket ...​You​ ​Earned​ ​It​ ​-​ ​Wear​ ​It​ ​With​ ​PRIDE! 

Jacketback offers a Standard​ ​Jacket​ ​Package​ ​-​ ​$325 Package​ ​which includes a ​Custom​ ​Fitted​ ​Jacket​ ​(Wool​ ​body​ ​&​ ​Leather​ ​Sleeve),​ ​first​ ​name, sew​ ​on​ ​block​ ​letter,​ ​school​ ​crest​ ​#3,​ ​graduation​ ​year​ ​patch​ ​&​ ​sewn​ ​on​ ​sleeve,  large​ ​back​ ​name​ ​(1,2​ ​or​ ​3-color). *FREE​ ​-​ ​Front​ ​School​ ​Crest,​ ​Mascot​ ​or​ ​Sport​ ​Emblem​ ​Upgrade​ ​($20​ ​value).

Alternatively, you can order the Original & Traditional MVHS Spartan Letter Jacket worn by many of the alums and current students.  See attached photos.  The Traditional Jacket price will be $440 ($310 jacket package with grad year patch on the chest plus $130 for the official Spartan logo on the back) plus $7 per sport listed.  The attached photo of the Traditional Jacket has 2 sports so the total would be $454 plus tax.

As an added bonus, for each jacket ordered, $25 will be given to the sport represented (allocated if multiple sports represented).

Go​ ​to:​ ​​​​ ​to​ ​​print​ ​&​ ​complete your​ ​packet​.​ ​Bring​ ​packet​ ​and​ ​all​ ​patches​ ​you​ ​currently​ ​have​ ​to​ ​ordering​ ​night. Additional​ ​decoration​ ​such​ ​as​ ​back​ ​designs​ ​and​ ​custom​ ​patches​ ​can​ ​be​ ​added like League or CCS Championships. Additional jacket styles will be displayed as well.  Design​ ​and​ ​Invoice​ ​proofs​ ​will​ ​be​ ​emailed​ ​for​ ​your​ ​approval​ ​prior​ ​to​ ​jacket production. 

Above​ ​prices​ ​will​ ​have​ ​tax​ ​added.​ ​Cash,​ ​Checks​ ​and​ ​All​ ​Major​ ​Credit​ ​Cards​ ​will​ ​be​ ​accepted. Make​ ​checks​ ​payable​ ​to:​ ​JacketBack


Mindful Parent Night

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018 from 7-8:30 pm in the MVHS Cafeteria.

Come and learn mindfulness practices to help you wash away your stress and learn mindful tools to teach your teens!

The workshops will focus on:

·  Understanding the neuroscience of mindfulness.

·  Guided mindfulness and relaxation practices for you and your family.

·  Mindfulness techniques which can be practiced at home or the office.

Check out the event on the Mission Be website and Facebook. Register for FREE today on Eventbrite!


Growing Up Asian in America


Student Art, Essay and Video Contest


In celebration of the Asian Pacific Fund’s 25th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we invite you to share your hopes and dreams for the future. What does your community look like 25 years from now? What type of change, impact and future do you see for your family, community and the world?       


See attached flyer for more information.     


Everybody’s Beautiful Writing Contest

The contest is held every year to spread awareness about body image and the beauty standards created by social media culture. Students in grades 6-12 are asked to create a poem or write an essay (in English or Spanish) answering one of the following questions: 

·         What do you love about yourself?

·         Why should others love and accept themselves?

·         How does the media affect body image?

Students have the chance of winning up to $300 in cash, winners will also have their work published on their website. If you would like additional information regarding this contest, please see the flyer attached to this Gazette.



Thank You for Supporting Spartans PAUSE

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the parent volunteers, local organizations and businesses that made this wellness program possible and available to all MVHS students!

The Spartans PAUSE student wellness program in December featured a week of activities aimed at helping students de-stress before fall finals. During the week, parent volunteers arrived on campus early each morning to greet students and pass out nutritious snacks as they headed to class. At lunch, students participated in a variety of stress-relieving activities, including making giant bubbles (see photo), massage, meditation, interacting with therapy animals, mini service projects, music, games and more.  

Spartans PAUSE was featured in a recent Los Altos Town Crier article.


Senior Grad Night Needs Your Help

We need your help sending ALL 456 MVHS seniors to Grad Night this year. Please consider one of the following ways to support the seniors:

·         Join us on Feb. 1 for a dinner fundraiser at Pizza My Heart in Mountain View. See attached Pizza My Heart flyer for more details.

·         Donations are needed to support scholarships and supplement ticket sales. Please consider giving at one of four levels. Every gift is tax-deductible. More information is in the attached Grad Night direct appeal flyer.

o   $25 will help defray the cost of transportation to and from the event

o   $50 will enable us to provide an array of nice food options

o   $75 will allow us to plan a range of $100 memorable activities

o   $100 will ensure we can provide student scholarships

Seniors will not want to miss this fun and memorable celebration with their class!  Grad Night 2018 will take place right after graduation on Friday, June 1, 2018. Students will leave on buses from Mountain View High to a secret location.  It is an all-night party for the Class to celebrate in a safe, alcohol-, tobacco- and drug-free environment.  There will be food, music, dancing, activities and professional entertainment. Sign up now for the reduced price of $185.  Prices go up April 1. Online registration is at:  

 Questions? Contact Erin Eggleton at eeggleton@xxxxxxxxx or

Jill Lillie at lilliepadusa@xxxxxxxxx.


From the Tutorial Center

Academic Help for All Students

Encourage your student to use the Tutorial Center in the library. Students at every level benefit from individual and group help, offered 7 am - 4 pm daily. Parent/community volunteers, college and peer tutors, and an instructional aide assist students by appointment or on a drop-in basis in any and all academic areas.

El Centro Tutorial está abierto de las 7 de la mañana hasta las 4 de la tarde en la biblioteca. Todos los estudiantes están bienvenidos a estudiar y recibir ayuda. Los tutores están disponible durante el día. Se cubren todos las temas académicos. Los horarios de tutores disponibles se anuncian en el Centro Tutorial, la oficina de Aconsejo, y en las clases.


Volunteer Tutor Schedules & Private Tutor Directory Available!

Students and parents may find volunteer tutors available for each subject, on our school web site at

Simply navigate to the MVHS Home Page, and click on ‘Tutorial Center.'  The latest Volunteer Tutor Schedule is always posted in the Tutorial Center.  Since tutors and schedules are continually being modified, parents and students should contact the center for the latest information on volunteer tutors available.


Volunteer Tutors Needed

Qualified volunteer tutors, i.e., anyone with a bachelors or higher degree, are always needed, especially bilingual (Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese). Parents of Mountain View students are especially appreciated and make good tutors—especially of other parents’ children! Hours are flexible. Training is provided on the job. We maintain a private tutor referral list on request.



Please check out the MVLA webpage
to find out more about all of our athletic events.


General information: MVHS/Department/27-Athletics

Specific sport information can be found on the left-hand side of this page.




Daily Bulletin is Online!

If you want to read the student news in the Daily Bulletin, click here.



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