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April 24 update from IMPA and MVHS instrumental music

Sent: Tue Apr 25, 2017 • 8:26 AM PDT
From: Ann H.
April 24 update from IMPA and MVHS instrumental music
We enjoyed a great afternoon of jazz on Saturday!  Thanks to our musicians, Jason and Dana, and all who helped with the event.

Now we look forward to the May 9th Spring Chamber Concert and the May 17th Spring Instrumental Music concert!

Thank you!!
Claire Hubel:  who organized the Jazz Festival on Saturday:  recruiting sponsors and volunteers, organizing tasks and helpers, planning food, taking care of signs, and made sure all went well. 
Paul Hubel:  who prepared the pulled pork, cooking some 50 pounds of pork in his backyard smoker for our Jazz Festival refreshment stand
Jazz Festival Sponsors:  West Valley Music (who also sent out a technician to staff a table for emergency instrument repairs); DeMartini Orchard market in Los Altos (who donated all the strawberries/fruit/produce for our refreshment stand); Sonos Strings, Heaney Violins, Hope Street Music Studios, Burger King, Sunnyvale Music School, Office Depot, Baskin Robbins.

Photos on Smugmug
Check out to see photos of our musicians in action.  New photos have been added to the Composers Concert folder (thanks, Nancy Hill!).  Enjoy photos from the December concerts, Spaghetti and Strings, Swing Dance, and more!

If you have photos to share from the Jazz Festival, please post them here 

Spring Concerts!
The Spring Instrumental Music Concert will be May 17 at 7 pm, and Chamber Concert (where our musicians play in small ensembles) on May 9th at 7 pm.  Please plan to attend, and volunteer to help with cookies and snacks at the hospitality table organized by Jessie Xin.

Other Dates
Jason recently sent out emails with key dates.
May 10:  Instrumental Awards night, place tbd
June 2:  band and orchestra plays for MVHS graduation
June 3:  Instrumental Music fundraiser:  mattress sale
Aug 1-4:  Marching Band leadership training (by invite)
Aug 2-3:  Marching Band "new marcher" training
Aug 4:  Instrumental Music "new parent" orientation
Aug 4: special orientation date/schedule pick-up date for marching band and color guard members
Aug 6:  Camp leadership reports to Band Camp (by invite)
Aug 7-12:  Band Camp, for marching band and color guard members
Aug 12:  Marching Band performance for parents and "drill down" for band and band alumni, MVHS field

Mattress sale Fundraiser
The MVHS Instrumental Music Program will hold their second annual mattress sale on June 3rd in the MVHS large gym.  If you or a friend need a new mattress--wait until June to buy it!!!

Sign up to Support IMPA when you buy groceries
You can support IMPA whenever you buy groceries at Nob Hill or Lucky. 
Register with Nob Hill's "Something Extra" program and sign up for their "Extra Credit" program to benefit Mountain View HS Music Parents.  (See attached)
Sign up for the escrip program and designate IMPA to get a % of your shopping at Lucky supermarket.

thanks for your support of our MVHS instrumental music program.
Ann Hepenstal
IMPA President

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