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London Day 5!

Sent: Tue Jan 1, 2019 • 3:13 PM PST
From: Linde, Anna
London Day 5!
Hello Everyone! 

What an amazing day! The students were so pumped to march in the London New Year’s Day Parade and performed beautifully with such energy! The streets were lined with people and wonderful decorations! It was a privilege to walk beside them as their Directors, and we hope that they hold this memory dear to their hearts. Thank you to those who tuned-in to the livestream and supported from afar! 

The parade took up most of the day, but we ended the night with a spectacular experience of seeing Les Mis or Wicked! 

Tomorrow is our last full day in London. We will be visiting Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Experience and exploring some additional London sights the rest of the day. 

What a truly amazing experience this has been. It is an honor to share it with such a great group of students. 

Warm Regards,
Anna and Jason

Anna Linde
MVHS Performing Arts

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