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MVHS Grad Night Kick-Off Meeting on 10/10

Sent: Thu Oct 5, 2017 • 1:34 PM PDT
From: Blair, William
MVHS Grad Night Kick-Off Meeting on 10/10
Greetings MVHS Parents,

Next Tuesday evening, October 10, there will be a kick-off meeting of the Grad Night Committee.  We are meeting in the MVHS Library at 7pm.

Please join the committee or just come to find out more about Grad Night! 
Parents of all grades are welcome!

On the Agenda:

Grad Night Overview
Job Descriptions
Current Registration/Financials
Parent Fundraiser 
Review Calendar  (next meeting will be Nov. 7)

If you are unable to attend, but would like to help, or just need more information, please let us know.  We hope to see you Tuesday night!

For Parents of Seniors:   Grad Night Registration Forms are in the  MVHS Activities Office or registration can be accessed on the MVHS Website under "Student Activities"  Also, please sign up for the Grad Night elist!

If you have any questions, please contact Jill or Erin.

Thank you,

See you Tuesday, 

Erin Eggleton and Jill Lillie

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