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Fwd: Permanent Stadium Lights Passes!

Sent: Wed Aug 14, 2019 • 3:40 PM PDT
From: MVHS Sports Boosters
Fwd: Permanent Stadium Lights Passes!


Hi Nation:

Welcome back to MV for the 2019/20 school year!  

It is hard to believe but MV fall Athletics is already underway with team tryouts and practices getting underway last Friday.  MV is Coming off an amazing 2018/19 athletic year with CCS Championships, numerous CCS & Norcal appearances and a pile of league titles.  The Spartans are expecting another strong year across the board and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in the Stands cheering for MV!    

If you have not purchased your 2019/20 Boosters Membership now is the time!  If you have a MV student athlete you need to be a Boosters member.  If you are curious about what Boosters does for MV Athletics see the announcement below from June.    



The MVHS Sports Boosters Board is happy to announce that the June 10th MVLA School Board Meeting the Trustees unanimously passed AR 7325 & AR 1330.  

After nearly 10 months of meetings, negotiations and long discussions the Board of Trustees approved the policy to add stadium lights & new PA systems to the stadiums at Mountain View and Los Altos High schools.  In addition to the Lights policy the Board also approved starting the Environmental Impact & Sound studies that must be completed before the physical lights can be installed.  

This is a huge step forward in a long process that is not over.  The Environmental impact study has been estimated to take 44 weeks to complete and then must be reviewed.  Once that is accepted the process of getting the lights installed would begin.  

I know many of you are very excited to have the lights installed.  Please understand that the public process is very deliberate and takes more time than most of us are use to.  A very optimistic date for lights to be installed in the stadiums is the summer of 2020.  Of course we will continue to work with the District to hopefully find ways to keep the process moving as quickly as possible.  

Nation:  This is a big day for MV & LA!  The desire/ need to have lights installed in the stadiums of both schools reaches back 30 plus years or more.  On June 10th the dream of thousands of MV/LA students, alumni, coaches, parents and community members became a reality!  We would like to thank all of you that shared your thoughts, sent emails, attended meetings and supported this effort to bring lights to MVLA.  It was your loud and continued support that helped power this discussion forward and ultimately pushed it over the finish line!  

Congratulations MVLA! 

MVHS Sports Boosters Board   
Go Spartans & Eagles! 

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