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First week of school/xc practice/time trial - clearing up confussion

Sent: Thu Aug 15, 2019 • 8:23 AM PDT
From: Craig Blockhus
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  • Subject: First week of school/xc practice/time trial - clearing up confussion
  • From: Craig Blockhus <swenrunner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2019 08:23:14 -0700
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First week of school/xc practice/time trial - clearing up confussion
XC Team,

Week 1 is chaos week for xc with students figuring out class schedules and making the xc team, so let me clear up the confusion.

Monday Aug 19 - Practice 3:00 at the grass field by new portables near track (I will be collecting completed physical forms and answering ?’s) Athletes that have completed physicals can practice with the team and hopefully every athlete is registered (required by Friday of week 1)

Tue-Wed & Fri - same as Mon

Thur - If school is on regular bell schedule, then practice will be at 2:00 pm


Friday - is the Time Trial (If you know that you have to meet with a counselor, or change a class and it is during Friday practice time, then I will have a time trial on Thursday, so I can get a time to compare to the official time trial on Friday). My point is after Friday’s time trial, I will not be doing another one the following week.  My rosters will be completed either by Mon/Tues.

PLEASE - I do not want to find out your son/daughter did not run the 2 mile time trial on the track because they were overwhelmed on both Thur/Fri of week 1.  (They will not make the team)

(From results of time trial times) 

Guaranteed Top 25 boys/girls make the team from the time trial.  The coaches will be determining additional athletes beyond those 50 athletes per their discretion.  

Hopefully, we can get parent drivers sorted out, so that we can get the team to rancho on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.  Realistically, we will not be running at rancho  until week 3, but it could happen in week 2.

Craig Blockhus
MVHS Head XC Coach

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