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RE: Staff Appreciation

Sent: Mon May 5, 2008 • 12:20 PM PDT
From: Trish Moxon
RE: Staff Appreciation

I will bring the cream cheese and butter.

Trish Moxon


From: coffee-cart (at) MVHS ELISTS [mailto:coffee-cart (at) MVHS ELISTS] On Behalf Of Lan Nguyen
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 10:24 AM
To: coffee-cart (at) MVHS ELISTS
Subject: Staff Appreciation


Dear Parents,


I was asked by the PTA to do a breakfast for the Staff this Thursday, May 8.

Please let me know if you could help by contributing the items below.

Please reply to ALL; so we all know what is still needed.

I would appreciate if you can let me know of your contribution by Tuesday, Noon.

You may drop things off at my house on Wednesday night up to 10pm.

1195 Eureka Ave., Los Altos  650-966-1071


Thank you very much in advance for your generosity!


Best regards,




  1. 10 gallons - Orange and Apple Juice
  2. 2 lbs ground Coffee for the percolator type machine
  3. 6 –  4 lbs. boxes of Strawberries
  4. 6 large  – Cantaloupes          
  5. 6 large – Honeydews
  6. 4 – large Seedless Watermelons
  7. 2 large - 2 lbs tubs Cream Cheese
  8. Butter – 2 lbs
  9. 10 dozens large Bagels (Costco brand is great)
  10. 5 dozens large Muffins (Costco brand is great)



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Subject: RE: Staff Appreciation
(Sent: Mon, 05-May-2008, 12:32 PM PDT)
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Subject: Staff Appreciation
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