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UFFT The Melt Fundraiser Prep

Sent: Sun May 7, 2017 • 5:33 PM PDT
From: Sheffield, Sydney
UFFT The Melt Fundraiser Prep
Hey everyone!

Our fundraiser at The Melt is THIS FRIDAY, May 12th from 3-9pm!! To prepare, we will be putting up flyers and flooding social media with information about our cause, the fundraiser, and pictures of the attached flyer.

Please come to room 523 on Tuesday, May 9th to help put up flyers around the school.

Throughout the week, tell AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE about the fundraiser this Friday and post the flyer on your Facebook account, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to spread the word. Aim to distribute your posts evenly throughout the week (ex. post on Facebook on Tuesday, Instagram on Wednesday, Snapchat on Thursday and Friday). We want maximum attendance for maximum fundraising!

Also, make a plan with family and friends to get to The Melt at some point on Friday :) Let's help Usangule build a sesame farm!

See you Tuesday!
Sydney and UFFT Board

P.S. Please use this flyer, not the one from my previous email, because it has been updated
P.P.S. Remember our FINAL CLUB MEETING is this coming Thursday, May 11th

Attachment: TheMeltFlyer.pdf
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