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Speech & Debate News!

Sent: Tue Jan 9, 2018 • 1:50 PM PST
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate News!

Dear Speech & Debate Fans,


-          Keep the Team Going: Have you donated to the team?

-          Judge Training & Sample Student Debates – now on-line!

-          Tournament Congratulations!!


Keep the Team Going: Have you donated? We are behind on donations this year – and you get the opportunity for a tax deduction while helping pay for the great benefits provided to your student.  Our Club is primarily funded by the parents!  Our District provides some stipends to help with Event Coaches and our team parents work hard on fundraising, but we need everyone to contribute their “fair share”.  Our funds go toward registration fees for tournaments, dues to Speech & Debate associations and to pay our Head Coach, other coaching resources, and team infrastructure.  (See the attached form for details on mailing your check).

What are the benefits for your student & our team?

Ø  Each team member is part of a 100+ person strong team that allows them to try different Speech & Debate events and be as active as they wish

Ø  Wednesday night meetings provide a minimum of 64 hours of coaching, instruction & practice over the course of the school year.  Active students can earn academic credit

Ø  Tournament fees run between $15-$125 per tournament per person (with additional fees for the school’s registration) and student fees are covered for all league tournaments and selected invitationals, as indicated on our General Team Calendar

Ø  Student and school membership fees are paid to the main Speech & Debate organizations and students can earn National Forensic League points that lead to honors when they graduate


No one will ever be turned away due to financial hardship as one of our principles is inclusion and learning for everyone.

Ø  If every family could contribute $395, we can ensure that the program remains strong.

Ø  If you are a family that is fortunate to have resources, please consider donating for your child as well as a “scholarship” for a child whose family may not be able to afford to donate. 


Judge Training & Sample Student Debates – now on-line!  You can find judge training videos as well as two sample debates on MVLA Speech & Debate’s new YouTube channel.  So enjoy on your own schedule (you can forward through to get to sample debates):

Tournament Congratulations:  

Correction:  At Presentation Novice: Stella Huang and Daniel Ni were 5-1.


At the College Prep Lincoln-Douglas Tournament, Maya Sanghavi broke to double-octas and Varun Paranjpe was a quarterfinalist.  At the Alta tournament, Parth Dhanotra broke to double-octas.


At Washington CFL, the teams of Divya Jakatdar & Ilona  Lahdesmaki and Maya Bryan & Caroline Cheng went 3-0 in Parliamentary debate.


At Girls Invite: Navya Singhai was 5th speaker.


At CFL Speech, Sophia Hwang and Eunice Yang were semifinalists in Impromptu.


At the Claremont Wolfpack tournament in Parliamentary debate, Shirley Cheng & Zooey Nguyen and Jodie Bhattacharya & Luke DiMartino were octafinalists, and William Zeng & Alex Wong were quarterfinalists.  Shirley was 5th speaker.


At UPS, Maya Sanghavi and Parth Dhanotra were octofinalists in Lincoln Douglas, while Varun Paranjpe was a semifinalist and earned another Tournament of Champions bid.


Congratulations to all!  Hope you all have a happy holiday season.


Tracy Weatherby

Speech & Debate Parent Volunteer



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