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Speech & Debate Newsletter

Sent: Wed Dec 7, 2016 • 9:13 AM PST
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate Newsletter

Dear Speech & Debate Community,

Wednesday (12/7) is our last Speech & Debate Meeting of 2016.  On behalf of Coach Julie Herman and our Assistant Coaches Karen Keefer, Teri Young and Sharon Moerner, we hope you have a wonderful break.  Our next meeting is January 4th.


The team has participated in 11 team tournaments this fall along with additional specialized tournaments with over 100 different students competing -- and tons of great results.  Please see Tournament Congratulations below for a taste!


-      Team Photos

-      Have you donated? That’s how the club runs!

-      Tournaments Available for Sign-up

-      Tournament Congratulations

-      Need Tournament On-line Manager

-      Poet in our Midst


Team Photos:   Have you ever wondered what happens at Speech & Debate meetings?

One of our team parents took some great photos of the students at Demo Day and at one of our weekly meetings.  Check out the group photo!  All photos are downloadable at full resolution.

Have you donated?  Please remember that this club runs on donations. Your donations support the hiring of our Coaching Staff, provide a year’s worth of debate training on Wednesday nights, enrolls your student as a member of the National Speech & Debate Association and provides entry fees for many tournaments.  No family is ever turned away from our team, so if you have the capability to donate, please do so generously.  Our suggested donation is $395, but please donate what you can.  Forms for donation can be found here:

Tournaments Available for Sign-up: To see what tournaments are available for sign-up at any time, go to our website:

Tournament Congratulations: As of last week, we have sent over 100 students to over a dozen tournaments!  And as you can see below, the results from the 2nd half of the Fall were even more distinguished than the 1st!

Mid America Cup: In Lincoln Douglas debate, Varun Parnjpe was a double octo finalist and Derek Zhang was an octofinalist and qualified to the Tournament of Champions. 

Voices: Amber Gao and Nitin Kumar were octofinalists in Lay Lincoln Douglas debate.  In Circuit Lincoln Douglas, Varun Paranjpe and Derek Zhang broke to double octofinals and Derek was 5th speaker.

Milpitas Debate: Payton Fong was undefeated in Open Lincoln-Douglas and Amber Gao had a winning record in JV.

Cupertino Novice: Ferris Atassi & Hunter Liu had a winning record in Parliamentary debate.

St. Marks: Derek Zhang was a double octofinalist in Lincoln Douglas.

University of the Pacific: Shirley Cheng & Ryan Lee were quarterfinalists in Parliamentary Debate and Spencer Dembner & Lily Hackworth were Semifinalists.  Our MVLA team, overall, won 3rd place in Small Entry Sweepstakes.

National Parliamentary Debate Invitational: MVLA Speech & Debate was 3rd in the school sweeps and five our teams broke to elimination rounds.  Our teams comprised 25% of the Octos round and half of the Semifinalists.  Frank Zhou & Jodie Bhattacharya were Double Octofinalists; William Zeng & Alex Wong were Octofinalists; Javin Pombra and Danny Vesurai were Quarterfinalists and Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth and Shirley Cheng and Ryan Lee were semifinalists. 

Santa Clara Dempsey Cronin: In Parliamentary Debate, our teams were 25% of Octos and half of Semis.  Alex Wong & William Zeng were octofinalists and William was 6th speaker.  Jonathan Shi & Zooey Nguyen were quarterfinalists, Shirley Cheng and Ryan Lee were semifinalists and Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth were the champions.  In Public Forum, Emma Kwan & Ashley Cai were octofinalists in Open. In Public Forum, Tanay Sonthalia & Amelie Sen were quarterfinalists in the Novice division.   In Lincoln Douglas, Payton Fong was a quarterfinalist in Open and Partha Dhanotra won the Novice division.

Alta Silver and Black: Varun Parnjpe was a semifinalist, earning his first Tournament of Champions bid in Varsity Lincoln Douglas! He was also 6th speaker.

Need Tournament On-line Manager: Want to help the team in a flexible way?  We are interested in finding an individual who will take charge of our online tournament management system. The current Assistant Coach in charge, Teri Young, will be available for training and support indefinitely. Our goal is to move her duties to another individual so that she can investigate improvements to our system, and can perhaps implement them next year. The Tournament On-line Manager works with our parent judge coordinators to ensure that we always have enough judges and that judges are entered on time.  Strong written and organizational skills and knowledge of basic productivity tools are helpful; we’ll teach you everything else.  Please email terisyoung@xxxxxxxxx if you can help!

Poet in our Midst: Our students do more than debate.  One of our own, Jia Seow, recently published a book of poetry and was featured in the Los Altos Town Crier.  Congrats Jia!

Have a wonderful break!

Tracy Weatherby

Speech & Debate Parent Volunteer


Note: If you would like to be removed from this newsletter, go to the eList link for the appropriate high school (if you go to neither school, your subscription will likely be under Los Altos) and follow the instructions to view and change your subscription. If you receive a duplicate newsletter this week, it may be because we are making sure that all new folks are receiving the letter even if not on the eList.  Please give us a couple of weeks to work out the kinks!


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