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Speech & Debate - Judge Training, Tournaments & More!

Sent: Sat Oct 8, 2016 • 7:36 PM PDT
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate - Judge Training, Tournaments & More!

Dear Speech & Debate Community,

Thanks to all the students who joined us last Wednesday for our first official Speech & Debate Meeting.  It is not too late to join!  Covered below:


-      Debate Judging Training – October 12th, 7-9PM, MVHS

-      Register & Get in Your Paperwork!

-      Have you donated? That’s how the club runs!

-      Meeting times & location

-      Tournaments Available for Sign-up

-      Tournament Congratulations


Debate Judge Training:   Come learn how to judge debate events and see brief demos of Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum.  Training is applicable to all types of debate.

            Date - Wed., Oct. 12

            Time - 7-9 pm

            Location - Mountain View High (room TBD)

Please RSVP by responding to this email so we can ensure we have enough materials.

Register and get in your Paperwork: If you are even just trying out Speech & Debate, please ‘register’ yourself (students please!) at the link below.  That way we can ensure that we know how to reach you:

Parents & Students: please work together to get your paperwork in as soon as possible. There is no obligation, but it clears you to participate in meetings and to attend tournaments.

Have you donated?  Please remember that this club runs on donations. Your donations support the hiring of our Coaching Staff, provide a year’s worth of debate training on Wednesday nights, enrolls your student as a member of the National Speech & Debate Association and provides entry fees for many tournaments.  No family is ever turned away from our team, so if you have the capability to donate, please do so generously.  Our suggested donation  is $395, but please donate what you can.  Forms for donation can be found here:

Meeting Times & Locations: We meet every Wednesday night from 7-9PM in the library at Mountain View High School.  You can join at any time, but in our early meetings, we have many opportunities to ‘shop’ and try new events so join as soon as you can!

Tournaments Available for Sign-up: To see what tournaments are available for sign-up at any time, go to our website:

Tournament Congratulations: As of last week, we have sent over 70 students to over a half dozen tournaments!  And as you can see below, many competed with distinction, even this early in the season. 

Yale Invitational: Zooey Nguyen & Javin Pombra were Triple Octofinalists in Parliamentary Debate and Spencer Dembner and Lilly Hackworth were the Champions! Derek Zhang was a double-octofinalist in Lincoln-Douglas. 

St. Francis Invitational: In Public Forum Debate, Angela Chen & Anisha Palasamudrum and Laura Liu & Joey Hejna advanced to Octos, Ashley Cai & Emma Kwan and Julia Yin & Ananya Venkatraman advanced to Quarters, and Jonathan Shi & Jeffrey Hong advanced to the Semi-Finals.  In Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Sophia Hwang, Adrienne Chen & Coral Chen advanced to the Octofinals and Anushi Singhal advanced to Quarters.

Notre Dame Invitational: In Parliamentary Debate, Connor Akiyama & Samuel Shi and Rushil Arora & Tejas Thvar had winning records. 

CFL Santa Clara tournament: Shirley Cheng and Ryan Lee won all four of their rounds in Parliamentary debate. 

Harker’s Public Forum: Emma Kwan & Ashley Cai advanced to double-octas and Jonathan Shi & Shirley Cheng advanced to Octos.

Totally Free Tournament: Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth were the Champions and Spencer was 5th speaker.

Congrats to all!


Tracy Weatherby

Speech & Debate Parent Volunteer


Note: If you would like to be removed from this newsletter, go to the eList link for the appropriate high school (if you go to neither school, your subscription will likely be under Los Altos) and follow the instructions to view and change your subscription. If you receive a duplicate newsletter this week, it may be because we are making sure that all new folks are receiving the letter even if not on the eList.  Please give us a couple of weeks to work out the kinks!


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