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Speech & Debate Newsletter

Sent: Fri Jul 3, 2015 • 11:13 AM PDT
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate Newsletter

In this edition:

-          Help us hire a Head of Speech & Debate Programs!

-          Lei Fundraising

-          Summer Camp Wrap-up

Help us hire a Head of Speech & Debate Programs.  Students & all other community members – help us find the right person! 

-          The District has approved our position for a Head of Speech & Debate Programs.  This will be a part-time job, to be funded by the team.  Please publicize the opening to anyone you think might be an appropriate candidate.  This link can be posted on Facebook or any other social media, especially if you are in contact with Speech & Debate folks.


-          Qualified candidates will be interviewed by a team of coaches & Parents.   After reference checks, we will have the top two candidates interviewed by the Principals at LAHS and MVHS.  

-          In an ideal world, we will have this position hired before the start of the school year.  Karen Keefer, our current Head Coach, and Sharon Moerner, Assistant Coach, will be around to help us with this transition.  Phew!

-          We will be contacting you over the next couple of weeks to solicit additional help in expanding our fundraising for this position.

Lei Fundraising:  Our lei fundraiser was incredibly successful this year – raising over $5700 for our team!  


-          Thanks so much to our incredible team for helping with this wonderful tradition: Jun Zhang & Lekha Srinivasan managed the entire project and spent countless hours.  They had valuable help from Bela Sohoni in advance of the fundraiser.  Heather Grillo, Teri Young, Margaret Inui, and Vaishali Sanghavi helped ensure that all went smoothly on the day of the fundraiser.

-          Our student helpers were crucial to our success: Will Alexander, Cameron Myers, Amira Patrawala, Maya Sanghavi, Vicky Semenina, Nishan Sohoni, Alex Wong, William Zeng.    Thank you all!


Summer Camp Wrap-up: MVLA’s Summer Camp provided top-notch debate instruction to 30 students and raised over $3800 for the team. Everyone had a great time!


-          Special thanks go to James Naumovski and Vivi Chan for spearheading this fundraiser – two years in a row!  We are grateful to Teri Young who developed a curriculum that we will be able to use in future years.  And Shannon Ingersoll & Moira Huang provided important help.

-          The camp would not have been successful without our students:  Will Alexander, Angela Chen, Ben Gardner-Gill, Leah Lam, Sasha Narain, Anisha Palasamudrum, Eric Ping, Maya Sanghavi, Samuel Shi, Jonathan Shi, Vicky Semenina, Nishan Sohoni, Julia Wang, Karen Xia.  Thank you all!


We will be in touch soon to ask for your help with fundraising ideas.  Have a great summer.


Tracy Weatherby

Parent Volunteer

650-255-6009 mobile




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