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Speech & Debate Newsletter!

Sent: Tue Jun 9, 2015 • 5:42 PM PDT
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Speech & Debate Newsletter!

In this Edition

-          Speech & Debate at High School Graduations

-          Final year-end tournament results

-          Successful YFL Scrimmage

-          National World Schools Competition

-          2015-2016 Speech & Debate Officers

-          Public Forum and Circuit Lincoln-Douglas Event Coaches Needed

-          Speech & Debate Camp Help Needed


Graduation Features Speech & Debate Speaker: Our own Carly Miller was one of two featured speakers at Mountain View High’s graduation.  Her speech, “How to Say Goodbye” was extremely moving and very well received.  Ashwin Vaidyanathan, our current President of Speech & Debate, led the Pledge of Allegiance at Los Altos’ graduation.


Final Year-End Tournament Results: Evergreen Valley Tournament: Three teams were undefeated in Public Forum (Connor Akiyama & Shirley Cheng, Vicky Semenina & Leah Lam, Geoffrey Glass & Arjun Singla) plus Amira Patrawala was undefeated in Lincoln-Douglas.


Successful YFL Scrimmage:  Our YFL Committee hosted a very successful scrimmage for our Middle Schoolers.  Our team supported 22 Middle School Competitors from our feeder schools and 23 of our Speech & Debate members served as judges.  The tournament was so well staffed that it ended early despite having 700 competitors over the two days from at least 41 different schools!  


MVLA Competitor at Nationals: Spencer Dembner will be competing in Dallas the 2nd week of June as part of our Coast Forensic League’s(CFL) World Schools Debate team.  Our district put together two teams of three students – all from different schools.  As the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) explains it, “World Schools Debate is a unique and dynamic form of debate, unlike any other practiced in the United States. World Schools Debate features a dynamic format combining the concepts of “prepared” topics with “impromptu” topics, encouraging debaters to focus on specified issues rather than debate theory or procedural arguments. This highly interactive style of debate allows debaters to engage each other, even during speeches.”  Good luck, Spencer & the CFL Team!

Team Leaders for the 2015-2016 School Year: Congratulations to all our new Team Leaders for the upcoming school year!



-          President – Will Alexander – LA 2016

-          V.P. for Los Altos – Julia Wang – LA 2016

-          V.P. for Mountain View – Cameron Myers – MV 2016

-          Secretary – Vandita Pendse – MV 2017

-          Public Relations:  Chair – Leah Lam – MV 2017, Assistant – Javin Pombra – LA 2018

-          Social Committee Co-Chairs:  Anushi Singhal – MV 2017 & Maya Sanghavi – MV 2018

-          Webmasters: Derek Zhang – MV 2017 & Amira Patrawala – MV 2018

-          YFL Council:  Chair – Will Alexander – LA 2016; Members – Joey Hejna – LA 2017, Vicky Semenina – MV 2017,  Karen Xia – MV 2017


-          Spontaneous Speech:  Eunice Yang – MV 2018

-          Prepared Speech:  David Xiong – MV 2016

-          Circuit LD Co-Captains: Sasha Narain – LA 2016 &  James Naumovski – LA 2016

-          Lay LD Co-Captains: Will Alexander – LA 2016 & Julia Wang – LA 2016

-          Parliamentary Debate:  Spencer Dembner – LA 2017

-          Public Forum Co-Captains: Sam Grillo – MV 2016, Cameron Myers – MV 2016, Ravi Singhal – MV 2016, Joey Hejna – LA 2017

-          PF Mentor Coordinator – Emiley Kim – LA 2017


PF & Circuit Lincoln-Douglas Coaches:  The team needs to fill two Event Coaching positions for the upcoming school year.  If you know anyone who has expertise in these areas and would like to volunteer to help coach, please refer them to Karen Keefer at keefer@xxxxxxxxxxx.  Qualified college students are eligible for a stipend.  These positions are for Wednesdays from 7-9PM during our team meetings.


Speech & Debate Camp Fundraiser – Help Needed: On June 15-19, the team will be hosting its Middle School Summer Speech and Debate camp as a fundraiser. The camp will be held in the mornings from 9-12, and the team needs 2-3 parents each day to provide adult room supervision while they work with the students (you can do your own work, though it is fun to watch!).  We are getting great response to the camp, but still need parent volunteers to sit in the rooms.   If you can help out, sign up on the Google Doc below:


Stay tuned over the summer as we will be providing updates about our Speech & Debate Sustainability efforts and asking for your help!


Tracy Weatherby

Parent Volunteer




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