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Speech & Debate News & Congratulations!

Sent: Mon Apr 13, 2015 • 4:40 PM PDT
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate News & Congratulations!


Dear Speech & Debate Community,

Showcase Event April 29th:  Please save the date on your calendar.  Our annual Showcase shows off some of the best of what the team has done, allows us to celebrate our teammates, and is a great way to introduce people to Speech & Debate who may want to join us next year. 

Lei Fundraiser: Order orchid leis for the Senior students in your life.  Shipped direct from Hawaii, festive, and available for pick-up on Graduation Day (at both high schools).  This wonderful tradition is also the biggest fundraiser of the year for our Speech & Debate team.  Order forms are attached.  Orders must be placed before 5/15!  Thanks to our Chair, Jun Zhang as well as Lekha Srinivasan and Bella Sohoni for managing our Lei fundraiser this year.

Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions – Late-Breaking News: Congratulations to Spencer D & Steven H for receiving 2nd place at the Tournament of Champions!  The final was very close with a 3-2 decision.  Spencer was named 2nd Speaker and Steven received 9th.

Santa Clara Invitational:  Our Speech & Debate team had stellar performances at the Santa Clara Invitational.    Across Debate categories, we had one team in the Finals, four who advanced to Semis, four to quarters, three to Octas, and three in Double Octas.  In Open Public Forum, 6 of the 8 teams that advanced to the Quarterfinals were from MVLA!  And our team picked up eight speaker awards, including 1st and 2nd in Open Public Forum.  In Speech, we had a Finalist team in Open Duo and two 2nd place finishes.

Please congratulate our teammates!

Individual Events:

-          Maya S & Nishan S were finalists in Open Duo

-          Amira P placed 2nd  in Open Expos

-          Carly M placed 2nd in Original Oratory

Open Lincoln-Douglas:

-          Advancing to Octafinals: Julia W, Will A, Joshua H

-          Speaker awards: 3rd speaker – Julia W; 9th speaker – Joshua H

Parliamentary Debate:

-          Novice: Advancing to Semifinals - Katherine Y & Selynna S

-          Open: Advancing to Double Octafinals – Spencer D

Public Forum:

-          Novice April: Advancing to Final Round (and ending in 2nd place!):   Javin P & Justin Yu; 6th speaker – Javin P, 8th speaker – Joshua C, 10th speaker Reese T

-          Novice March: Advancing to Double-Octofinals: Geoffrey G & Arjun S, Megana B & Niki M

-          Open: Advancing to Semifinals – Ben G & Ashwin V,  Sam G and Ravi S; Advancing to Quarterfinals – Eric P & Jeffrey H, Jonathan S & Henry M, Michael W & Anisha P, Laura L & Joey H; 1st speaker – Ashwin V, 2nd speaker – Ben G, 5th speaker – Joey H

Circuit Lincoln Douglas:  At the Great Midwestern Novice Debate Championship in Iowa City, MVLA had two quarterfinalists.  Congratulations to Danny V and Varun P.

National Quals: Will A survived 5 rounds of 7 and had an overall winning record!

Rotary Speech Contest: Congrats to Ashwin V for placing 4th in the Region

Speech & Debate Sustainability Update:  The Speech & Debate Sustainability Committee has been working with our Coaches and Principals to ensure that our club has the infrastructure and funding to support our students’ success.  Anitha Vaidyanathan has been helping us automate some of our tournament sign-up processes and Mugdha Pendse has worked with our Coaches to outline all the activities that need to be covered and we are defining a whole new set of Parent Volunteer positions.  Our Principals are working to help us create a sustainable solution, but we also plan next year to have more parents involved in the day-to-day running of the team.

Upcoming Tournaments:  The tournament season is winding down, allowing time for our students to practice and try new events.   There are still a few events for our YFL or Novice students:

-          April 24 - Evergreen Valley Novice Debate (with an opportunity for our Varsity teammates to judge)

-          May 9 – MVLA Youth Forensic League Scrimmage (YFL) - MVLA's 4 middle schools compete in district-wide tournament

-          May 16-17 – YFL Middle School Invitational @ Burnett Academy in San Jose

For more information on any of our upcoming debates, consult our website:

Speech & Debate Camp Fundraiser: On June 15-19, the team will be hosting its Middle School Summer Speech and Debate camp as a fundraiser. The camp will be held in the mornings from 9 - 12, and the team will need 2-3 parents each day to provide adult room supervision while they work with the students. Having an adult in each instruction room while our students work with middle schoolers is a requirement of the district. Please contact Teri Young at 650-787-5127 or terisyoung@xxxxxxxxx if you’d be interested in volunteering to help our team with this fundraising event.

Tracy Weatherby

Parent Volunteer


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