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Speech & Debate – the Year So Far!

Sent: Thu Mar 19, 2015 • 4:58 PM PDT
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate – the Year So Far!

Dear Speech & Debate Community,


This year has been a great one for our club. We are not yet through with the National Qualification Tournaments, but we have some wonderful successes to celebrate.


New Website: If you haven’t yet discovered our fabulous new website, please check it out. You’ll find a great resource with tournament schedules, club documents, event descriptions, judging instructions, etc.   Thanks so much to our own Amelia and Coach Teri Young!


Showcase Event April 29th:  Please save the date on your calendar.  Our annual Showcase shows off some of the best of what the team has done, allows us to celebrate our teammates, and is a good way to introduce people to Speech & Debate who may want to join us next year. 


Coach of the Day:  One of the big needs for our club is someone who serves at the “Coach of the Day” for our students – this person makes sure everyone arrives safely, notes when they depart, carry our emergency forms, and basically serve as a key link for our students.  They get to celebrate with the kids when they’ve done well and commiserate when rounds are lost!  It’s fun – and there’s also plenty of time to read and relax.  To cover club needs next year, we hope to train more parents to serve as Coach of the Day. If you might be willing to do this occasionally next year, please consider coming to the Santa Clara Invitational on 3/28 or 3/29 to learn from our current parent Coach of the Day volunteers.  Contact Teri Young at terisyoung@xxxxxxxxx if you are interested.


Full Year of Competition: So far this year, our students have attended 37 tournaments with 61 total competition days!  All parts of our club are very active.  In total, we have an astounding number of tournament entries for the year:

Public Forum – 143

Lincoln-Douglas – Lay – 68

Parliamentary – 60

Congress – 19

Prepared Speech – 58

Spontaneous Speech – 14


Our teams have made elimination rounds at tournaments several dozen times this year – across all events – and have had some wonderful wins:

-          Public Forum: Ben & Ashwin – Co-Champions at the California Round Robin

-          Parliamentary Debate: Spencer & Steven were Champions at Stanford

-          JV Lincoln-Douglas: Varun was the Champion at Berkeley

-          Speech: Ashwin has won both the Club level & Area Level  Rotary competitions and will compete at the next level in Gilroy

Two of our teams (known up to this date) are going on to compete at the National Level :

-          Ben & Ashwin will be competing in the Public Forum Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky from April 25-27

-          Spencer & Steven  will be competing in the Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions at Sonoma Academy from April 11-12

Wish our teams luck.  We’ll be in touch soon!


Tracy Weatherby

Parent Volunteer





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