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Speech & Debate – stay tuned!

Sent: Mon Mar 16, 2015 • 6:11 PM PDT
From: weatherby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speech & Debate – stay tuned!

Dear Speech & Debate community,

We have activated our eLists!  If you are on the roster for Speech & Debate this year or if you are a Coach or involved friend-and-family, we have added your name and e-mail to the list.  You may also be on the list because you subscribed at some time in the past (but we haven’t used the lists before now so this would be your first e-mail from us).

This will be our main way of communicating with our entire team including parents.  We will limit our general e-mails to no more than once a week (though you may get separate emails with details on tournaments in which you are competing).  We will try to communicate on a regular basis with succinct information including:

-          Upcoming tournaments & how to sign up

-          Our Speech & Debate successes

-          Events!

-          Opportunities for wider community members to help with coaching and judging

If you ever feel a need to unsubscribe from this list, simply go to the eList website for your school (easily reached from the MVHS and LAHS home pages) and enter your name and e-mail to see your subscriptions and then you can easily unsubscribe from this eList.

If you are associated with Mountain View High School, the link is here:

If you are associated with Los Altos High School, the link is here:

If you are not associated with either high school – for instance, you are a coach or are in middle school, we have subscribed you under Los Altos and you will be able to unsubscribe there.

Welcome to the Speech & Debate Community!


Tracy Weatherby

Parent Volunteer





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Subject: Speech & Debate – the Year So Far!
(Sent: Thu, 19-Mar-2015, 4:58 PM PDT)
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