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Robotics move update

Sent: Wed May 1, 2019 • 8:43 AM PDT
From: Wyn Schuh
  • To: MVHS Robotics Club <club-robotics (at) MVHS ELISTS>
  • Subject: Robotics move update
  • From: Wyn Schuh <wyn.schuh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 May 2019 08:43:03 -0700
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Robotics move update
Here is the latest info on moving the robotics room from Teri Faught.

Installation of portables should be completed by the week of May 13th. Then the electrical and paving scope of work will follow. 
Project completion date should be the week of May 27th.
Our movers will start moving boxes into interim housing Week of June 10th.

Once the portables are installed around May 13th, I will be meeting with Teri Faught and Mike Mathesian to discuss placement of electrical and whiteboards.  As soon as they let us, we will be working on moving the router.  Since this is likely to happen around finals week, we will need as many non students to help with the move.  Prior to that, we can work on packing culling our lab supplies.

On the weekend after school lets out, we will need lots of help finishing with the packing.

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