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Mentor Appreciation Potluck RSVP

Sent: Mon Apr 29, 2019 • 7:31 AM PDT
From: Wyn Schuh
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  • Subject: Mentor Appreciation Potluck RSVP
  • From: Wyn Schuh <wyn.schuh@xxxxxxxxx>
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Mentor Appreciation Potluck RSVP

Google Forms
I've invited you to fill out a form:
Mentor Appreciation Potluck RSVP
On Saturday June 22nd, we will be having a potluck dinner for MVHS FIRST robotics team mentors at the Schuh's house. Mentors include anyone who helps out with the team in any way as well as spouses and significant others. This is also for anyone who is interested in helping out on the team. This is not for current students.

It would be helpful if everyone fills out the Mentor Appreciation Potluck RSVP. This way we will have an idea how many seats we will need. Please come even if you don't fill it out.

What: Potluck Dinner for mentors and adults (this includes recently graduated new mentors)
When: Saturday June 22nd - 6:30pm to 9pm or later
Where: The Schuh's house
1630 Elmhurst Drive
Los Altos (off Truman ave near MVHS)

The main purpose of this dinner is to thank all of the Mentors for supporting the team and welcome the new mentors to the team. It is also an opportunity to get to know each other better and to talk about how to improve how we mentor the team. This is also a good opportunity for prospective mentors and parents to find out more about how they can help and get involved. This is separate from a team potluck. Students can organize their own party at a separate time if they want to.

The way we organize potlucks is to just bring whatever you want with enough to share. We will have plates, cups and cutlery. It always seems to work out. If you don't have time to cook something, you can bring bread or drinks or dessert or something. We've never gone hungry.

Please bring a dish to share. Last year, Michael and Wyn grilled up some steelhead trout (like salmon) and tri-tip. We will do the same or something similar this year. To have enough food for everyone, we need people to bring some other main dishes as well as side dishes, salads and desserts. Some beverages to share would be nice too.

The event will be held in our back yard so bring a sweater or jacket if the weather will be cool that night.
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