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Letter Writing this Friday!

Sent: Wed May 13, 2015 • 11:13 PM PDT
From: MVHS QSA Is cool
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  • Subject: Letter Writing this Friday!
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Letter Writing this Friday!
Hi everyone!

This Friday we are writing letters to our representatives in the county, state, and federal government! Please come with an idea of what you want to write about (suggestions below) and bring computers, tablets, or paper and pens/pencils to write your letter with. If you'd rather call your representatives, you can do that on Friday as well. Envelopes and stamps will be provided.

See you then!


Ideas from our brainstorming meeting:
demolish the patriarchy/sexism
reduce college tuition
we're in a drought
trans* rights, etc.
employment fairness
housing fairness
hate crimes
more awareness and edu for chosen issue
better sex ed
LGBTQ youth homelessness

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Subject: Meeting Time
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Subject: No meeting tomorrow ;)
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