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FW: Mock Trial Awards Ceremony - RSVP

Sent: Mon Mar 2, 2015 • 10:01 AM PST
From: Ballesteros, Daniel W.
FW: Mock Trial Awards Ceremony - RSVP

Great job all.  This Thursday there will be a ceremony at the County Office of Education building to acknowledge those of you receiving Outstanding Performance nominations.  More information is attached.


                Daniel W. Ballesteros

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From: Krauss, Kristen [mailto:Kristen.Krauss (at) MVLA]
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2015 9:18 AM
To: Ballesteros, Daniel W.
Subject: FW: Mock Trial Awards Ceremony - RSVP



Hi – Could you forward this to the elist?

I am going to post about it to the FB group


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Subject: Mock Trial Awards Ceremony - RSVP


Hello coaches,


Congratulation on an excellent Mock Trial season.  All the teams did a great job and clearly the students enjoyed and learned from the experience.  Now it’s time to celebrate everyone’s hard work, award the teams who progressed past the preliminary rounds, congratulate the winning artist and journalist, and acknowledge the many students who received ‘Outstand Student Nominations’.


This year, the outstanding student nominations process is a bit different than prior years. Instead of selecting the one top student in each category who received the most Outstanding Student nominations, this year we are acknowledging ALL students who received any nominations from the scorers.  So rather than read student names individually, the almost 250 such students (a very talented group!!) will be acknowledged on the written program and asked to all stand for recognition. Certificates honoring their achievement will then be delivered to the schools.  I’ve attached a list of these students so you may pass this invitation on to them.


Please forward this information to your students and ask them to RSVP as soon as possible at this link if interested.


Hope to see you all on Thursday.



Devin Hess

Mock Trial Coordinator

Representing Santa Clara County Office of Education


SCCOE Mock Trial Website


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