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Sent: Wed Jan 21, 2015 • 4:43 PM PST
From: Ballesteros, Daniel W.

This is mostly for Ms. Krauss, but everyone should read it and make sure they are in compliance.  Thank you.


                Daniel W. Ballesteros

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Hello Mock Trial Coaches,


A few last minute notes before the Mock Trial Tournament begins:


Permission / Release Forms: Do not wait until the last minute to collect your permission slips from participating students. Use the Student Roster you recently sent to check off received student release forms.  I’ll be checking off names as well. Permission / Release Forms must be turned in for the student to participate!


Outstanding Student Award Nomination Form:  Use these forms to enter participating students’ names for each round (you can enter names directly into the form). Fill these out in advance and  bring five copies to each of the four preliminary rounds. Once copy should be given to me during check in.  The other copies should be delivered to the judge and scorers for each round. The scorers use these to keep track of the participants throughout the evening and to nominate outstanding student performance. 


MVP Awards: *New* Different from prior years. This year’s MVP certificate will be awarded by each team to the participant on the other team deemed ‘most valuable’.  Teams should caucus in the courtroom immediately following each round to choose the opposing team’s MVP.  Inform your team about this new award taking place so they can go into the round with this in mind.  The certificate for each night will be available at check-in time.


Courtroom Artists / Journalists: If you have students who will be competing as courtroom artists or journalists, be sure they register here.   Here’s a great article to pass along to potentially interested students and teachers at your site: Eyes Of The Courtroom: Sketching The Nation's Biggest Trials


Student Rosters: Please send me any updates. The Student Roster should reflect students who are actually participating in the competition.  The Student Roster will be used to generate the Certificates of Participation and to track student Release Forms. If you are one of the very few schools that has not yet sent them in, do so immediately. (Use this Roster Template).   Student Rosters are required by SCCOE before your team can participate.


Fingerprinting Reminder: “As you know, attorney coaches have had several months to get fingerprinted.  Any attorney coaches who are working regularly with students yet have not been fingerprinted must be in compliance before the February Tournament.  For more information, please see previous communication. Any questions regarding fingerprinting should be directed to Dr. Christina Arpante. Please note that email response time may not be immediate, so plan accordingly.


Statute AB 1025 Conway (as referenced in Education Code 49024) requires that non-certificated individuals, prior to starting a paid or non-paid volunteer position working with pupils in a student activity program sponsored by a school district or county office of education, must obtain fingerprint clearance through a criminal background check completed by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  



Have fun with your final preparations and best of luck to you and your team.


Devin Hess

Mock Trial Coordinator

Representing Santa Clara County Office of Education




Devin Hess

Mock Trial Coordinator

Representing Santa Clara County Office of Education


SCCOE Mock Trial Website


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