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Culture Week! March 12th-March 16th - Get Involved and Share your Culture on Campus!

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From: Rietveld, Carson
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  • Subject: Culture Week! March 12th-March 16th - Get Involved and Share your Culture on Campus!
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Culture Week! March 12th-March 16th - Get Involved and Share your Culture on Campus!

Hi spartans, next week, from March 12th to March 16th, is our first Culture Week. We will have five activities from Monday through Friday.
  • Monday: The Culture Map 
  1. You can write questions about a specific country or culture on sticky notes and stick them on the map. You can ask anything about culture. For example, ask "Why Asian countries have rich food culture?" or "Why Latinos love to dance?"
  2. Your questions will be answered on Friday Open Mic. I will invite teachers and students to answer these questions. 
  3. The Map will be in the library, so you can just go there and leave a quick question.
  4. The topic and languages need to be appropriate. 
  • Tuesday: Japanese Movie Exploration
  1. Iwata Exchange will have a presentation about the Japanese movie "Spirited Away." We will talk about the interesting details that reflects Japanese culture. (We will show you some movie clips)
  2. On Tuesday Lunch @ the small gym.
  3. You can only attend the activity by sign up online. We only allow 35 audiences. The link:
  • Wednesday: Black Student Union 
  1. They will show you a short video about their culture.
  2. It is different then Japanese Movie Exploration.
  3. On Wednesday @ the small gym 
  • Thursday: Asian Student Union 
  1. They will present a culture slideshow about Asian culture.
  2. In room 310 (Mr. Shih) at lunch
  • Friday: ASB - Open Mic
  1. This is the most exciting event because you can go up and talk about your stories and feelings.
  2. This will be on Friday @ Lunch @ the main Quad ( I am not sure about the weather...)
  3. If you love public speaking and you are interested to talk about your stories or experiences, please sign up! The sign up form:
  4. Topic of the Culture Week: Why should we respect other cultures? How to apply the solutions to the real life?

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