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Fwd: Laptop Drive

Sent: Mon Feb 12, 2018 • 9:05 AM PST
From: Blair, William
Fwd: Laptop Drive
VHS will be hosting a laptop drive during the entire month of February! We will be collecting any working PCs, Macs, smartphones and Chromebooks to be donated to DELAC, a local leadership group of English learning parents. This is a great opportunity  to help local parents who are in need of laptops. The laptops and/or smartphones will be sent to Globetops, a non-profit that will ensure all personal information has been wiped from the device, and any issues with the laptop are taken care of. If you're interested in donating a laptop or smartphone please drop it off at the Activities Office with Ms. Stacey Freitas, and sign the donation agreement
​in the ​
office. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mateo Kaiser at 100019114 (at) MVLA

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Subject: Freestyle Academy Deadline is Friday Feb 16
(Sent: Wed, 14-Feb-2018, 10:54 PM PST)
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Subject: MVHS Olympiad 2017-2018 Yearbooks are on Sale, order your copy today! Check posted list on Finance Office window.
(Sent: Fri, 09-Feb-2018, 6:13 PM PST)

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