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MVHS Laptop Drive

Sent: Tue Feb 27, 2018 • 4:09 PM PST
From: Blair, William
MVHS Laptop Drive
This is the last week of the laptop drive hosted at MVHS! We are collecting working laptops to be donated to DELAC, a local leadership group of English learning parents in our local elementary school district. The laptop drive is  a project of E3 high school students, a youth philanthropy group sponsored by the Los Altos Community Foundation. At E3, students learn how to design a service project, read and write grants, and improve their leadership and communication skills. For more information on E3 please visit  This laptop drive is a great opportunity to help local parents who are in need of laptops. The laptops will be sent to Globetops, a non-profit that will ensure all personal information has been wiped from the device. For more information on Globetops visit If you're interested in donating a laptop please drop it off at the Activities Office with Ms. Stacey Freitas, and sign the donation agreement in the office. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mateo Kaiser at 100019114 (at) MVLA.  

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