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Freestyle Academy 2017 Junior Documentaries

Sent: Tue Jun 13, 2017 • 10:57 PM PDT
From: Florendo, Leo
Freestyle Academy 2017 Junior Documentaries
Freestyle Academy 
proudly presents
2017 Junior Documentaries
For the Documentary Project from February through April, all Junior Freestyle students were challenged to locate an intriguing location or person in our local community and search within for compelling stories to answer the question

"How do you creatively and truthfully portray an interesting person, people, place, or idea that has a positive influence in the community?". 

This unit emphasized sound research, "truth" in storytelling as well as argumentative structure necessary for effective documentary storytelling. Students chose their own Documentary topic and our goal was to integrate work done in all classes to create various productions around their chosen Documentary topic.

In our English Class, students interviewed their documentary subjects and intertwined their interview transcripts with additional research to write a Research Paper. In our Design Class, during the process of interviewing their subjects, students took photos, used found photos and combined their audio & video interview transcripts, research paper and quotes into a printed Magazine Article or Book with the use of Adobe InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator. In our Digital Media class, students edited together their various audio interviews, narration, sound effects and music in Avid Pro Tools to produce an IntroVid Commercial using Adobe After Effects. They also used Adobe Dreamweaver/Photoshop/Illustrator together with Cascading Style Sheets and _javascript_ to format and design their Documentary Website which showcased their Magazine Article or Book, IntroVid Commercial and Photography. In our Film class, students produced a 6+ minute Documentary Film about their topic using Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Apple Final Cut Pro.

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Feel free to pass on this message to anyone who might be interested.

Other Freestyle Productions since 2006 are viewable through

Thank you,
Leo Florendo
Freestyle Academy Program Coordinator

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