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Re: Grad Night wrap up and THANK YOU!!

Sent: Mon Jun 5, 2017 • 10:19 PM PDT
From: Lamar Haggart
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  • Subject: Re: Grad Night wrap up and THANK YOU!!
  • From: Lamar Haggart <lhaggart@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 22:19:22 -0700
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Re: Grad Night wrap up and THANK YOU!!
I can’t believe I forgot to mention Laura Mozer! She took on the brunt of the check-in crush after graduation and handled all the questions, needs and wants of the seniors and their parents, tracked down missing kids and kept check-in running smoothly.

> On Jun 5, 2017, at 8:05 PM, Lamar Haggart <lhaggart@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Without each and every one of the volunteers, there’s no way we could have pulled off such a successful event!
> There were a few hiccups… a late start, chaperone tag team, confused bus drivers, minor water shortage and probably some other things I still don't know about, but that’s all they were, hiccups.
> The biggest thank you goes to Bindiya Khanna, who said YES to co-chairing without batting an eyelash and had no idea what she was getting herself in to. She kept me on task, took on the details of contracts and vendors, and restored my sanity when I felt like I was losing it.
> Thank you to Rita Martin, our treasurer, for keeping track of all those checks and payments. And another big thank you to Laurie Wheeler for putting together a community fundraising event like we’ve never had before! Thank you Sara Jenez and Selim Freiha for signing countless contracts and checks, many at the last minute, and helping us with our budget and navigating PTSA guidelines.
> Heidi Menard & Margaret Adams, our venue “field generals,” were absolutely awesome. With a few tweaks in layout, they turned the venue into a party palace! Kim Donovan was dogged in her pursuit of volunteers and made sure we had plenty of them, while Lisa Estrada took on the monumental, behind the scenes task of managing the check-in materials and process. Our buses were well equipped to load because Stacey Wong kept the bins organized. Celandra Hamilton spent many hours designing, printing, stamping, stuffing and labeling to make sure our grads were well informed and created signage for the venue to keep them informed! Carolina de Zan made sure we were bilingual and was a key player when we had to make phone calls and send emails in Spanish. Pattie Bryant and Marja Parnanen fed our grads before bus boarding and tracked down a popcorn machine for the night. Pattie went the extra mile and put together a candy bar with only 48 hours notice. Kristina Kovacina ordered the traditional blanket favor and made sure 15 giant boxes of blankets found their way on to the buses. Ester Bruden and Javier Snaider collected, collated, printed and mounted a gazillion photos of our grads and created a beautiful wall of memories. Laurie England tracked down some really fun prizes to give away, while many parents donated gift cards, games and merchandise to add to those prize giveaways. Kirsti Elder coordinated our grad ceremony parking scholarship fundraiser which was truly appreciated because we granted a record breaking number of scholarships this year. 
> And the list continues… Brian Orlov kept our meetings lively and provided a very popular photo booth at grad night, Pattie Beck helped get the word out with a custom banner, Christine Lutz bought AND delivered bistro lights and 84.5 gallons of water (that’s 640 bottles), Gail Pinker, Erin Eggleton, Liz Price and Celeste Randolph directed cars, then transitioned into check-in along with Debbie Donovan, Anna Michaud, Lorena DeVincenzi, Rachel Ross, Helen Pacheco, Marta Wilde and Jill Lillie. Meanwhile, Grace Chang, Miko Yamaguchi, Peter Stanley and Tami Yanaga were at the venue with Heidi and Margaret getting everything set for the grads. We even got some help from future grads Nate Randolph and Robert Stanley who manned the snack station at school. Celeste moved from directing cars to loading buses, and was joined by Valerie Klazura, Judy Zellers, Marilyn Stanley, Anne Murray Segar, Anne Nguyen, Adri Shustock, Kris Peterson and Paul Hubel. Then Valerie, Judy, Anne MS, Anne N, Adri and Paul pulled double duty and jumped on a bus to chaperone along with Kim, Kirsti, Laurie England, Jenn Bice, Judy Ann Modderman, Paul Estrada, Carmel Caligaris and Leigh Ann Miller. And a HUGE thank you to Marilyn and Peter Stanley for chaperone tag team with Leigh Ann. If you haven’t heard it yet, I'll let them tell you the story. After a long night, the chaperones found the energy to fold tablecloths, tear down signs, pack up dress up clothes, move bags, package leftover candy, collect all of the odds & ends and stuff it into 2 cars, then herd 300 plus sleepy students onto buses while I marveled at their efficiency. All I could really do was watch and nurse my injured shoulder.
> I’m sure there are others I can’t recall at the moment, but please know that we truly could not have done this without all of you. Thank you!!
> Lamar Haggart & Bindiya Khanna
> former grad night co-chairs :-)

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Subject: Grad Night wrap up and THANK YOU!!
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