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Fwd: Grand Opening Invite

Sent: Wed Jan 6, 2016 • 2:54 PM PST
From: Kneebone, Jason
Fwd: Grand Opening Invite
Orchestra Musicians & Families,

Please help welcome SONO STRINGS to the community! See note & flyer below.


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From: Sono Strings <sonostrings@xxxxxxxxx>

Sono Strings – a music shop established in support of the bowed string community

An assortment of bowed strings instruments will be available for rental and purchase for the present year.

The shop specializes in several aspects of student’s and teacher’s needs. Virtually all available sizes of student and higher quality violin, violas, cellos and Basses will be available with an assortment of string choices for better playability and learning experiences. A perfect string does not exist for all students at all skill levels, so the shop will offer a greater variety of strings on rentals at a more affordable rate. An additional discount may be available for most string sets on the rentals if the instructor specifies the desired string prior to the start of school. Also a variety of rental plans, including a Rent-To-Own program for a limited number of instruments, will offer more choices and flexibility hopefully pleasing the parents. As always, there are no additional fees if the student were to switch sizes out of necessity.

Accessories are important for the students comfort. These can be specifically bundled with the rental if the instructors inform us of their personal choices in advance. Shoulder rests, end pin straps, music stands or textbooks (upon request) are usually necessary and the store will stock an assortment of choices. Students will be credited for any exchange from one brand to another when suggested by the instructor. The amount will be for the full-discounted value of the item.

One desire for us at Sono Strings is to establish a lasting relationship with the communities interested in bowed string education and the sharing of the unique experience of performing music. Though the shop was behind getting its information out to instructors this past 2015 academic year, the staff has been focused visiting vendors and hand-selecting instruments in hopes of getting the best value for the 2016 year.

We look forward to working with our teachers, students, artists, and community members! Please feel free to contact us at (650)336-8993 or  sonostrings@xxxxxxxxx

Abraham and Connie

Sono Strings
171 East El Camino Real
Mountain View, Ca 94040


Jason J. Kneebone
| MVHS Performing Arts Department
| email: jason.kneebone (at) MVLA
| office: 650.940.4608
"If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music." ~Gustav Mahler

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