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FW: Back to School Night

Sent: Thu Sep 7, 2006 • 5:47 PM PDT
From: Carol Johnson
FW: Back to School Night

Hi Ladies


You are the first volunteer e list up and running!  Hopefully all the bugs will be worked out.  Please be patient with us if I have to keep resending things.



I still need a few of you to respond to the e list request.  I copied you on this e mail.  Our goal is to have the ability to send out messages from the e list.  This will ensure everyone receives messages, we have correct e mail addresses, and we can communicate quicker. 



Anne Bailey is requesting help for Back to School Night.

Volunteers are needed from 5:15 to 6:30


Hopefully the date/time will work for you.  Gay will not be able to help this year due to a conflict.

If you can not make Back to School Night, please let me know.  I can pass the information on to Anne.


Thanks so much for volunteering. 


Carol Johnson





Hi Carol,


Do you have parents who signed up to help with Back to School Night next Thursday, Sept. 14th?


Looks as if last year parent volunteers helped with:


·         handing out schedules and programs to parents


·         coordinating the distribution and processing of food vouchers given to teachers and Instructional aides that can be used at the club food booths.  I have a copy of last year’s food voucher if it is OK to duplicate that.  Each voucher is good for $1; each teacher and aide was given 5 vouchers.


It looks as if Matt and Kathy (Sharon Chrisman and Kathy’s replacement Penny Cole this year) provided some students to help with handing out programs.


Thanks for your help J.




Anne Bailey

Administrative Assistant

Mountain View High School

3535 Truman Avenue

Mountain View, CA 94040

Phone: 650-940-4605

Fax: 650-961-6349


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Subject: Back to School Night
(Sent: Mon, 11-Sep-2006, 11:13 AM PDT)
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