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Competition Cheer & AD Social

Sent: Thu Jan 31, 2019 • 1:57 PM PST
From: MVHS Sports Boosters
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  • Subject: Competition Cheer & AD Social
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  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 13:13:27 -0800
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Competition Cheer & AD Social

Visit the Boosters Web Site:  MVHS Boosters        Contact Boosters:      SportsBoostersMVHS@xxxxxxxxx       
Hi Spartan Nation:

The AD Social is this Sat Night!  It is time to get your tickets!            Click Here:   AD Social Tickets

Let's Go Nation the AD Social is a great event for MV Athletics and has funded some of the largest Boosters projects over the past few years.  The full training room upgrade, the new athletic department vehicles and this year is Athlete Hydration!  New water carts for the gym, new water stations for the stadium sports and other important hydration devices that Achilles has personally requested.  Your Spartan Athletes safety is extremely important and we want to make sure they are well taken care of and have access to the best hydration equipment available.  Your support will help make this happen, so get over to the AD Social next Saturday night!  See you there!      

Competition Cheer:

Nation we are excited to bring you the first update on the Spartan Competition Cheer team!  The Cheer team brought home a 1st place finish in the TCC Wilcox Invitational Cheer Competition and will be competing in the CCS Traditional Cheer Championships this Saturday.  Nice work Cheer and good luck this weekend!  Spartyup!  

Congratulations to the MVHS Competition Cheer Team!  SpartyUp! 

IMG_0396 (1).jpeg

Go Spartans!   Black, Gold, White!  

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