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Message From Sandy Resnick

Sent: Tue Aug 25, 2015 • 6:09 AM PDT
From: Smith, Shelley
Message From Sandy Resnick
Greetings Spartan Players & Fans,

After some artwork & inventory delays, the much anticipated Fan Store is finally open but only until next week Monday, August 31 so that you can receive the Spartan Football goods directly at your house before league games begin.  Order on the Team Fan Store at:

Or follow the directions on the attached flyer.
We have 3 new designs & a mix of Nike clothing for men, women & children along with basic T-shirt option in all 3 cuts.  For some of the items, inventory is limited so place your orders quickly to reserve your item.  As these are screened Custom Spartan Football items, there are some minimums for each design that need to be met for your order to be fulfilled.  I expect that we should be able to meet the minimums based on what I worked out with the vendor; however, should minimums not be met, your impacted items will not deliver & you will not be charged.

The website doesn’t do the sweat pants justice as the Spartan Football art runs along the side of the right leg that is not visible so below is the artwork for the sweats.  For women interested in the V-neck Tshirt option, the large is currently out of stock but a shipment is expected any day.  For the shorts, the men’s have pockets (as requested for cell phones) but the boys version doesn’t have pockets. 

Please feel free to forward this Fan Store onto anyone of your friends family who would like Spartan Football Gear.  I hope you all find something you like.

Go Spartans!!!Inline image

Shelley Smith
Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, Head Football Coach
Mountain View High School

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