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Volunteers- Snack Shack

Sent: Fri Aug 21, 2015 • 9:03 AM PDT
From: Smith, Shelley
Volunteers- Snack Shack
Hi Football Families,

It's August, excitement is in the air as its FOOTBALL SEASON!

Welcome to the 2015 season of Spartan Football. Carter Olsen and I will be coordinating the snack bar. I wanted to reiterate that it truly takes a village to support our team and we would like everyone to sign up for snack bar slots as we cannot do it without your support. Sign up now at

We also have the tradition of stocking our snack bar by parent donations. I have compiled a list of the suggested items that will cover us for our first few games. It would be great if every family could donate a food item.

I will also take cash donations if you don't have time to shop. Donations can be sent to my paypal account,skatwan@xxxxxxxxx.

Note that I am not expecting a family to purchase all 10 cases of Gatorade or 200 hot dogs but hoping as a team we can get to that amount. This way everything we sell is 100% profit back to our football team.

Please bring your food donation to the snack bar before the potluck on Saturday, August 22nd or e-mail Carter Olsen at carterolsen@xxxxxxxxx to arrange a drop off.

Items requested:

10 cases water

10 cases Gatorade blue/blue/purple and red/orange/yellow from Costco are the best deal and most popular flavors

3 cases Snapple (must be plastic bottles only sold at Costco)

5 cases Diet Coke

5 cases Coke

3 cases Root beer

3 cases Sprite
Individually wrapped ice cream

Popcorn:  Popcorn machine takes packets that include popcorn seeds, salt and oil.  These are available by case at Smart and Final

M&M's, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Kit Kat, Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Musketeer, Etc  Most of this chocolate can be purchased in variety packs at either Costco or Smart and Final. 

Skittles, regular, wild berry, sour

Sour Punch Straws: All varieties, very popular

Ring pops, also popular 75 cents each

Licorice (comes in a round container)

Corn nut variety packs sold at smart and Final.

Airheads, Nerd Ropes

8 cans of QUE BUENO nacho cheese for nachos.  Costco or smart and Final. 

2 giant bags of tortilla chips- Costco or smart and final

HOT DOGS:  150-200

Hot dog buns, enough to match the hot dogs.  Costco makes better buns and they are cheaper than smart and final.

Ketchup  (ketchup/relish/mustard multi packs are great.)  3 or 4 multi packs would be a good start.

Jalapenos for nachos-sold at smart and final 

Thanks so much for your support and Go Spartans!
Alice and Carter

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