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Saturday 8/22 Picture Day and Potluck

Sent: Wed Aug 19, 2015 • 11:49 AM PDT
From: Smith, Shelley
Saturday 8/22 Picture Day and Potluck
Spartan Football Families:

As a reminder, this Saturday is Football Picture Day.  As we did last year, we are asking our Seniors to bring a white dress shirt and dark tie, in addition to their Black Game Jerseys and pants.  Remember this is in addition to their practice gear.  If they have a dark sports coat please bring that along also.

All players will be bringing home photo envelops Today after practice!

Seniors 8:00 am
Varsity Team 9:00 am
FS Team 10:00 am

Short practice afterwards and Potluck at 12:00 noon in our Cafeteria.

I would love to see all our families this Saturday at the Potluck!!  Come and meet our coaching staff, new Athletic Trainer, etc... etc...  This is a great opportunity to visit, and build our football community as both teams get really for the much anticipated 2015 Season!  Our boys have been working extremely hard to prepare and have taken great pride to put a quality product on the field.  I know our Football Community still needs volunteers for this season and this is a great venue to get the details.

Shelley Smith
Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, Head Football Coach
Mountain View High School

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