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New- Important Action Required- On-line Athletic Registration

Sent: Thu Aug 13, 2015 • 11:56 AM PDT
From: Smith, Shelley
New- Important Action Required- On-line Athletic Registration

Mountain View High School

Athletics- New Online Registration


Welcome to Mountain View High School, home of the Spartans!  For all 2015 Fall Sports, we are going to ask you to enroll your Fall Athlete into our “new”  8 To 18 on-line registration process for all Athletic Teams. 

A detail set of instructions are attached to this introduction and should you have any questions regarding the registration process please call us at 650-940-4626 for assistance. If you have already completed the 6-page Athletic Enrollment Form, we are going to ask you to use that information to complete the on-line process.  The only "Hard-Copy form that will be required to be turned in on the First Day of Practice is Page-2 (Physical Examination) section. 


Transportation Fee's ($100) is requested upon completion of the registration process and can be paid through the 8 to 18 process.
In addition, Fair Share donations can be paid through this system and goes directly to your specific athletic team.

We do ask for your patience and assistance during this change to the enrollment process.  We feel moving to an on-line process for athletic registration will have many benefits plus save time and tree’s as we move forward.  Once your student-athlete is registered into the system and you have “created an account”, much of that information can be stored and re-used when registering for additional athletic teams.  The system will also have a prompt for updating important information such as sports physicals.

So let’s get started and get your athlete enrolled for a sport….

Shelley Smith
Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, Head Football Coach
Mountain View High School

Attachment: Mountain View Athletics Registration Instructions.docx
Description: MS-Word document

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