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Make sure you are ready for the AP Exam

Sent: Wed Apr 19, 2017 • 8:57 AM PDT
From: Vitz, Linda
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  • Subject: Make sure you are ready for the AP Exam
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Make sure you are ready for the AP Exam

Make sure you are ready for AP Exams


You should bring the following items to the exam room:

It is very important to know what type of calculator is allowed for each test.  Please check which calculators are approved for each exam you are taking!

Up to two calculators with the necessary capabilities if you are taking an AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics Exam. Visit (  to learn more about the calculator policy for each of these exams, and for a list of authorized calculators.)

·         Several sharpened No. 2 pencils (with erasers) for completing multiple-choice answer sheets.  Please note that separate erasers and mechanical pencils are not allowed.

·         Pens with black or dark blue ink for completing areas on the exam booklet covers and for free-response questions in most exams.

·         A watch that does not have Internet access, beep, or have an alarm (although all the classrooms have clocks).

·          A ruler or straightedge only if you are taking an AP Physics Exam. (Protractors are not allowed.)

·         A government-issued or school-issued photo ID.

·         Your six-digit school code if you don’t attend MVHS.


You should not bring the following to the exam room:

·         Electronic equipment: (cell phone, smartphone, smartwatches, tablet computer, etc.), portable listening or recording devices (MP3 player, iPod, etc.), cameras or other photographic equipment, devices that can access the Internet, and any other electronic or communication devices.

·         Unapproved aids: Erasers, mechanical pencils, books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters*, notes or colored pencils*

·         Rulers, straightedges, and protractors (except as noted below).*

               ·         Scratch paper: notes can be made on portions of the exam booklets or, for Chinese Language and Culture and Japanese Language and Culture, scratch paper will be provided by the proctor.

·         Computers* or calculators (except as noted below).

·         Reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions.

·         Watches that beep or have an alarm, or smartwatches.

·         Clothing with subject-related information.

·         Food or drink*

 * Unless this has been pre

approved as an accommodation by the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities office prior to the test date.


You are required to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your exam.  Please arrive at 7:30 for the morning administration and 11:30 a.m. for the afternoon administration. Students may not be dismissed until an exam has officially ended; do not ask to leave early if you finish before the end of the exam. If you play a sport or have a job, it is your responsibility to inform your coach or employer of your AP Exam obligation and arrangements should be made accordingly. 

 Get a good night’s rest before your exam, and eat a nutritious breakfast. You are allowed to bring a snack and beverage for your 10-minute break. Food and drink are prohibited during the exam and must be kept under your desk until break.   Once the testing

as begun you are not allowed to access your backpacks for any reason.  It is advisable to bring a sweater, in case the room temperature is below your comfort level.  

 You are required to abide by the policies of both the College Board and Mountain View High School during the exam period. Any misconduct will be reported and could jeopardize your AP Exam score.  If you decide not to take an exam, please inform us as soon as possible prior to the test administration.


Be sure to review the 2016-17 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.   If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or Mrs. Ewald. Good luck!


Ms. Linda Vitz, AP Coordinator                             Mrs. Ewald, Assistant Principal

Linda.vitz (at) MVLA                                              Lynne.ewald (at) MVLA      


Linda Vitz
Assessment Coordinator
Mountain View High School
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